Molluscum Contagiwhat? That’s what ns was thinking as soon as my doctor very first said those words to me. I should have provided him a monster look, since he easily followed up with something I could understand: my son had actually a wart virus. Gross, i thought, how in the world did he get that?


I learned that molluscum contagiousum is pretty typical in kids and also they’ve to be seeing that a lot in Wichita lately. It’s a virus that spreads easily with skin-to-skin call or share things choose toys or clothing. It was around Christmas critical year the we first noticed part reddish pink bumps on my son’s back. We thought it to be dry skin, but then it maintained spreading under his ago and roughly his sides. We went to the doctor and he instantly diagnosed it together molluscum contagiousum.

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He told us it’s no serious, but there aren’t any kind of proven treatments. Doctors can put liquid nitrogen on them or prescribe an expensive topical cream, but my medical professional said no one of those treatments were guaranteed. Time was really the best thing come let them heal. That did speak that few of his patient were having luck using a natural treatment formolluscum contagiousum: tea tree oil, critical oil v antiseptic properties. I currently had tea tree oil (melalecua) in ~ home, and decided I as well would offer it a try.

I’ve dabbled with necessary oils over the last couple of years and have supplied tea tree oil because that things like cuts and also scrapes. Ns didn’t have actually a solid opinion on whether it did lot until I supplied it on mine son’s molluscum contagiousum. It operated for us! After 6 weeks of using tea tree oil, 2 to three times a day to the bumps on his body, lock were every gone. And also my daughter, who had close call with him never ever contracted it. Since then, we’ve told this therapy to various other friends that have likewise had success with it. So if girlfriend are handling it or understand someone who is, provide this a try. It will hopefully help!

What friend need:

1. Roller bottle- tiny glass bottle v a roller ball on top2. Tea tree or Melalecua oil (I usage Doterra, a residence sales brand, however lots of brands exist)3. Fractionated coconut oil (fractionated way that it constantly stays liquid)

You deserve to buy every one of these things online – here is a set with roller bottles and also fractionated coconut oil, or at a local herbal grocery store. Add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil come the roller bottle and fill the remainder with fractionated coconut oil. You should never use the tea tree oil straight to your child’s skin, the is too solid and needs to be diluted through a transport oil choose coconut.

Once you’ve combined the roller bottle, role it top top the infected locations two to 3 times a day.

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We started to notice improvement after around two weeks and by week six they were every gone. Ns hope you additionally have the very same success!