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Juan Martinez, the fiery prosecutor who convicted infamous murderess Jodi Arias for the disturbing killing of Travis Alexander, speaks for the very first time about the shocking investigation and sensational trial the captivated the nation.

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v two trials, America watched v baited breath together Juan Martinez londonchinatown.orgbated relentlessly to judge Jodi Arias of killing One for viciously stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander londonchinatown.orge death. What emerged was a story wrought v sex, manipulation, and also deceit that stunned the general public at every turn. Arias, always playing the wronged and innocent woman, adjusted her story continually as her bizarre actions surrounding the crime and its results came londonchinatown.orge light. Unwavering, Arias and her defense team ongoing to play off the salacious details that the case, till she was finally uncovered guilty and—controversially—sentenced to life behind bars. Now, speak openly for the first time, prosecutor Juan Martinez will certainly unearth brand-new details from the investigation that were never revealed in ~ trial, exploring key facts from the case and also the piece of proof he determined to store close to the vest. Throughout the trials, his bullish and unfaltering beginning strategy to be both londonchinatown.orgmended and also criticized, and also in his book, Martinez will certainly illuminate the distinct tactics he used in this case and also how they bring about a successful conviction, and-for the first time-discuss exactly how he felt shedding the death penalty sentence he’d gone after for years. Going beyond the news reports, Martinez will check out the truth behind the multiple facades the Jodi Arias. Sparring through her from across the stand, Martinez came to know Arias like no one else could, dissecting what the took because that a seemingly normal girl to belondonchinatown.orge a deluded, cunning, and unrepentant murderer. With brand-new stories indigenous behind the scene of the trial and also Martinez’s own take top top his defendant, the book takes you within the mind of Jodi Arias like never ever before. londonchinatown.orgplete with 16 pages of photos indigenous the case and trial, this book is the definitive account of the case that shocked America.About the AuthorJuan Martinez began working because that the Maricopa ar Attorney’s office in 1988. In his twenty-seven-year career through the office, he has spent nineteen years prosecuting homicide cases. Few of his many noteworthy cases include Arizona v. Wendi Andriano, that was convicted of first-degree murder and also was the first woman sentenced to fatality by a jury in Arizona; Arizona v. Scott Falater, which was detailed for the use of sleepwalking as a defense londonchinatown.orge the killing of his wife; Arizona v. Loren Wade, in i m sorry an Arizona State college football player to be convicted the the shooting killing of an ex-ASU soccer player; and Arizona v. Stack Wayne Valentini, which brought about a conviction for murder even though the victim’s human body was never found.

ISBN: 9780062444295 ISBN-10: 0062444298 Audience: basic Format: Paperback Language: English variety of Pages: 480 Published: 19th December 2016 Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers inc country of Publication: US size (cm): 19.0x10.6x2.8Weight (kg): 0.28