After gift in the cosmetic medical spa industry for 15 years with Winter Park Laser in Orlando we have been inundated with clients that wanted to remove their stretch-marks because 90% of our clientele space women. We were excited when Palomar Medical lastly got FDA clearance and also approval to eliminate stretchmarks permanently with the 1540 spring laser. Since then we have removed numerous stretch-marks for women in Orlando and central Florida. The 1540 hand-piece is tho the only fractional laser FDA authorized to remove stretchmarks in the unified States.

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*Disclaimer: individual results might vary

Laser Stretch mark Removal

We are among the few medical spas in Orlando to market a irreversible non-surgical solution to remove stretchmarks. We serve the Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Kissimmee and surround main Florida locations with laser stretchmark removal.*Disclaimer: separation, personal, instance results might vary

About Stretch mark Removal

Ideal CandidatesWomen, guys or young teens who want to eliminate white or red striae (stretch-marks) led to by expansion spurts, excess weight gain, or body building. Brand-new Moms who got stretch-marks after pregnancy is the most typical candidate because that laser stretch-mark removed in ours Orlando office. This laser is for sure for every skin species including black skin.

How the WorksThe Cynosure Lux1540XD™ spring laser hand-piece can improve the unsightly color and skin texture connected with large marks, leave women through smoother, better-looking skin v no downtime. The Lux1540XD hand-piece delivers an array of high-precision micro-beams to produce deep, narrow columns of coagulation in the epidermis and also dermis. This triggers a restorative organic healing process that create healthy new tissue, consisting of the deposition of brand-new collagen on any type of area that the body eliminating embarrassing white or red striae (stretch-marks). Treatments are reasonably comfortable and also topical numbing is a totally free option because that an extremely comfortable procedure. One treatment every 3-4 mainly is forced for optimal results and number of treatments varies relying on the age and also severity the the scars. Just mild redness and also swelling last 24-48 hrs post-treatment.

Typical ResultsWe guarantee a minimum 50% improvement up come a 95% advancement in a palliation of red or white Striae (stretch-marks) on any area the the body and a good improvement in the in its entirety tone and also texture the the skin. There will certainly be a significant improvement in the elasticity the the skin as brand-new collagen is developed the skin will certainly be lot tighter.

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Is it painful?Treatments are fairly comfortable and also topical numbing is a complimentary option for an incredibly comfortable procedure.