Over my years of advising human being on exactly how to job-related via their gemstones, I’ve discovered that many type of of you have comparable inquiries around exactly how to cleanse your gems. Because of how crucial cleansing is to maintaining your gemstones working their best, I started to collect the questions (and also answers) for a blog article. It quickly came to be noticeable that I had compiled enough to develop a five-part series! 

First, for those of you that are new—and also not so new—to therapeutic gems, we can’t state this strongly enough: Be sure to cleanse your gems regularly! Cleansed gemstones sindicate occupational much better and are less likely to break as a result of the buildup of unwanted energies released by you in the course of their work—a.k.a., “energetic breakage.” Luckily, cleansing is as straightforward as it is necessary.

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Each upcoming post will certainly answer your questions around a various cleansing technique. Stay tuned for Q&A’s about Plant Rejuvecountry, Water Rinse, Sun Bath and Clay Bath.

Part 1: Salt Bed

We take into consideration the Salt Bed the global cleansing approach, because it have the right to be provided to cleanse ALL therapeutic gemstones!

What is a salt bed?

A salt bed is ssuggest a layer of dry salt that you rest your gemstones on. It’s that straightforward. Salt’s absorbent nature draws out the released, unwanted energies that have built up on the gems’ surconfront. The salt bed is proper for all gemstones, which provides it a great go-to if you are not certain which cleansing technique you have to usage.


What is the best salt to use? Can I use Himalayan salt or sea salt?

The best is plain table salt that does not contain iodine. Although you have the right to use any salt, because we use it for its absorbent nature, it’s ideal to use the "emptiest" salt available. Salts via a high additional mineral content, choose sea salt and also Himalayan salt, have actually less capacity for drawing out energies. Exceptions are Mvarious other of Pearl and also Cdental (for example, in Angelfire and also Dawn Light); because these gems have actually an affinity via the ocean, sea salt is specifically excellent for cleansing and also rejuvenating them.

I can’t discover table salt without iodine. Can I usage salt through iodine in it?

Yes. Although it’s not desired, salt through iodine is OK if that is all you have the right to discover. A good alternate is kosher salt, which is simple to uncover and also does not contain iodine.

What should I put the salt in, and also exactly how a lot salt should I use?

Any dish or bowl that will certainly host a layer of salt one-half to 2 inches deep. I like using a large ceramic bowl so I have actually room to cleanse numerous necklaces at a time.

Can I use the glass jar that my necklace came in?

Our glass jars perform not enable for sufficient surchallenge area of salt to cleanse the majority of gems. But they are good for storing your gems. We imply utilizing a sepaprice container for the salt bed, so you deserve to put amethod your gemstones after you’ve cleansed them.

Do I need to bury my gems in the salt?

No. You might lightly push your gems right into the salt, however they execute not have to be extended by it.


How regularly must I change the salt?

Eextremely 2 weeks.

TIP: The discarded salt mixed through baking soda and also white vinegar makes an excellent bathtub scrub!

How regularly need to I cleanse my gems in the salt?

For a lot of gemstones that you are wearing daily, at leastern two to 3 times per week. Some gems call for more frequent cleansing, so be certain to read the individualized information cards that came via your gems for more details. Due to the fact that gems work better when they’re cleansed, I uncover it’s an excellent halittle bit to cleanse them after each usage.

How lengthy should I leave my gemstones in the salt?

At leastern an hour to overnight. I uncover it is ideal to take off my gemstones at the end of the day and area them in the salt. Then I recognize that by morning they will be cleansed and all set to wear aget.

Can I leave my gems in the salt also long?

Yes. Salt is naturally corrosive, so you don’t desire to keep them in salt for several weeks at a time. They can also get dirty aobtain sitting in salt for lengthy periods. It’s OK if you forobtain your gems in the salt for a few days, yet a great habit is to cleanse them and also then automatically wear them aget or put them in their containers. 

TIP: If your gemstone necklace has a gold “box” clasp, be sure to cshed it prior to placing your gems on the salt. This will proccasion salt from acquiring stuck in the clasp.

Can I cleanse more than one necklace at a time in the very same salt?

Yes! You will certainly want to make certain that each necklace has actually its own space on the salt—definition, don’t pile them on height of each various other. Make sure all the gems in the necklace are emotional the salt. The larger the diameter of the bowl, the more gems you can cleanse at a time.

For softer gems, favor Mother of Pearl and also Malachite, we recommfinish placing a barrier between the salt and the gems.

Why is that, and what type of barrier?

Salt might be a tiny abrasive for our softer gems. For these, we suggest placing a natural-fiber towel on height of the salt and then placing your gems on the towel. You can usage cotton, silk, or hemp towel (a handkerchief functions nicely). Other examples of softer gems are Sodalight, Fluorite, Rhodochrosite, Apatite, Indigo, and also Lapis Lazuli and the combination necklaces that contain these gems.

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TIP: If you uncover that the salt is messy or sticks to your gems, you have the right to use a natural-fiber obstacle for any type of gem, not simply the softer ones I’ve detailed.

Kcurrently Your Gemstones

Not all gemstones are ideal cleansed the same means or through the exact same frequency, so I encourage you to read the individual treatment and also cleansing instructions discovered on the indevelopment card that came with your gems. You have the right to likewise find this information at londonchinatown.org in the How to Use tab on each gemstone’s dedicated page.

Detailed instructions on each cleansing approach can be uncovered here.

Tune in next week to review around Plant Rejuvenation!

Questions? Our Gemrock Advisors are happy to answer them. Call us at 800.727.8877. Happy Cleansing!