Butt Vacuum treatment is a an approach inspired through a centuries-old oriental tradition dubbed cupping therapy. Earlier then, the Chinese would usage this technique to create suction on the skin by way of a fire enclosed in ~ a glass suction cup the consumed the oxygen in the suction cup, producing a pressure capable of suck the skin. Although much from the function it serves today, the Chinese had already understood at the moment the benefits of together a technique for the skin and muscles. Today, the main impact sought by the vacuum therapy butt background is come reshape the buttocks into a more beautiful silhouette.

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Needless come say, modern-day techniques because that vacuum treatment butt lifting treatment room much an ext advanced and also effective. The treatment, likewise known together Colombian sculpting or Colombian massage, is performed making use of a machine connected to suction cups that suck on the skin and flesh to stimulate blood flow and also the lymphatic system. It additionally helps come firming-up the buttock muscles. This stimulation hence enhances natural fat remove in the butt, reduce the figure of cellulite and, above all, increases the volume the the buttocks! keep in mind that this lifting treatment can likewise be excellent on the chest to carry out the vacuum chest lift.

However, current times have actually seen the illustration of several more or less credible write-ups questioning the effectiveness of the treatment, i m sorry is why we made decision to set the document straight by answering the question: Does target vacuum therapy really work? We will certainly share through you real testimonials from ladies who have received the vacuum treatment lifting treatment, as well as before and also after photos showing the results over a long duration of time. We will equally shed an ext light ~ above the possible dangers and risks of vacuum therapy, and also finally us will carry out you with information around the various prices because that the procedure.

Feedback and testimonials on the results acquired after a vacuum treatment butt lift

Our team randomly contacted number of women life in Canada, Belgium or France who have actually received vacuum target lift treatments to find out their personal opinion about it. Here are your testimonials:

I’ve to be trying the end vacuum treatment for 15 job now, and also I have the right to actually check out that my cellulite is disappearing. The practitioner applies it top top the thighs and buttocks through anti-cellulite oil. I’m an extremely happy, the an outcome on me is surprising… because I’ve to be hitting the gym three times a week for years and also I couldn’t remove this cellulite. Mine cellulite disappears, the skin is much smoother and also the bulge of mine buttocks is magnificent! What much more can i say? must I have actually known the the an outcome was this amazing ns would have actually started lengthy ago. As well as being effective, the procedure is painless, it’s a really relaxing minute I have to say, specifically while the suction cups room being placed… You also feel favor falling asleep, at least for me. And once done, friend feel good and particularly beautiful.

– Hanon Cindy, 37 year old, Mouscron, Autantik SPA customer

I’m at my 2nd butt elevator session, and so far I am very satisfied v the results: ns love the shape the therapy gives. The therapy is painless and also relaxing. In ~ the end of the treatment, over there is a slight tingling sensation, yet nothing unsettling. It seems to critical a while, however I am not so sure due to the fact that it hasn’t been long enough due to the fact that the last treatment and I’ve only had 2 sessions therefore far.

– Shannon Blue Ranger, Esthétique SF salon customer

Vacuum therapy for buttocks was something I’d never heard that before! i really had lots of doubts around it, wondering what that was, if it hurt, if the outcomes would absent in conveniently or not. Once I lastly tried the Colombian Lift, it was painless and the results were immediate. I was really surprised… as a girl who’s never had actually a butt, and now v the life I had one… really amazing! ns was additionally afraid that after a week the results would dissapear, but on the contrary i go earlier a couple of times and also the outcomes are always better each time and also the result stays longer! I’m really happy come have found Colombian lifting.

Alexandra Mercier, Esthétique SF beauty salon customer

After only one session my husband can already see the difference. During the treatment, I found places whereby I didn’t think I had actually cellulite… ns mean, the method soothes me till the following day when the aches and also pains space felt. That does indeed have actually a long-lasting effect. Mental you, ns don’t do sports yet still got results, it’s crazy. Can’t wait because that the next sessions.

– Lennie Lefebvre, Mouscron, Autantik SPA customer

I recently tried Colombian lifting procedures and I am completely satisfied, after only 3 sessions, I can easily check out a difference in my buttocks and also a palliation in my cellulite top top the back of mine thighs. Besides, the procedure is 100% painless and also even pleasant, almost as to solve as gaining a butt massage from your boyfriend!

– Shanel Yu, Esthétique SF beauty, beauty salon customer

I just love the buttocks lifting treatment. Who wouldn’t through the way?? It’s a relaxing and also soothing procedure, it’s painless & you gain a super warm booty in ~ the end! The pressure/suction feels prefer a little butt massage with prompt results. Ns loved this treatment and I’ll definitely carry on with it come overcome among my complexes! I’ve had several sessions and also I’m going come continue, not just out of pleasure, due to the fact that it relaxes me, but also out the adoration, because today I have a firmer and an ext curvy butt. I love it, period!

– Chloé Lamoureux, Esthétique SF salon customer

I extremely recommend the Colombian lifting for butt lift, not only does it provide your buttocks the perfect lift, but it does that in much less than no time at all. I’ve personally done it around a dozen times, and if you watch the before and also after pictures, the results are plainly wonderful! i love my results and also it’s a great start to working and getting the target you’ve been dreaming of! The session begins with the application of oil top top the buttocks and then both suction cups space placed. It might feel a little strange in ~ first, yet you’ll get used come it, some people even autumn asleep during the procedure! ns don’t think that hurts, however in the last 10 minutes, as soon as the suction flow is high, it might pinch a little, otherwise there is no trouble with this treatment and also I strongly encourage you to shot it ideal away if you have never excellent it before!

– Angel, Esthétique SF salon customer

Vacuum therapy for buttocks before and also after (pictures the results)

Our investigation also enabled us lay hands on “before and after” photos of vacuum therapy for buttocks perform on females who had undergone number of treatments. This gives a far better analysis and visualization the the results than the images offered by many salons, which only show you the outcomes with a picture taken a few minutes after ~ the treatment.

The images reveal the the outcomes are yes, really progressive and that lock are kept from one conference to the next. The treatment because of this seems come work an extremely well.

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Not many world are aware that the is possible to purchase a kit comprise a vacuum therapy machine and a training guide for human being who wish to execute the therapy at home themselves quite than depend on a professional for every session. Both alternatives have their advantages, and it is up to you to judge because that yourself. We understand that a professional will be able to treat and also guide you straight without you needing any type of training. On the various other hand, having your own machine at house will permit you to save a most money due to the fact that the kit costs only 369.55 USD. This is rather a bargain unlike paying a experienced for each session. Keep in mind that a session will certainly cost between 60 and also 120 usd and also that you will require a minimum the 6 to 8 sessions to get decent results. Another benefit of having your own machine is the you will be able to obtain better results in the long run since you will certainly be maybe to administer as many treatments together you wish. While girlfriend are minimal by the size of your wallet in terms of the number of sessions friend can get at a beauty, beauty salon, having actually your own an equipment will allow you to have an unlimited variety of sessions. Due to the fact that we know that the results of the vacuum lifting depends to a great extent top top the variety of sessions received, this is a far-reaching advantage. Click below for much more information.

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