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Dark Messiah of Might and also Magic Cheats because that PC

end There room four different endings in the game. To with them girlfriend must:A:- Rescue Leanna indigenous the Spider Pit in chapter 8- Purge Xana in chapter 9- take the Skull that Shadows and place the on the altarB:- Rescue Leanna indigenous the Spider Pit in chapter 8- Purge Xana in thing 9- take it the Skull the Shadows and throw it down the pit to your fatherC:- carry out not rescue Leanna from the Spider Pit or death her when you can.- take it the Skull that Shadows and place it on the altarD:- do not rescue Leanna native the Spider Pit or kill her once you can.- take it the Skull that Shadows and also throw it under the pit to your father

Contributed by: odino

Cheat setting

In bespeak to usage cheats, you must allow the developer"s console under the Keysettings section of the advanced settings menu. Then, during gameplay, enter "sv_cheats 1" into the console (without the quotation marks, of course) to permit the complying with cheats:

result Effect mm_player_add_skillpoints (#) mm_player_add_adrenaline X mm_player_add_skillpoints X ai_disable Buddha notarget God mm_player_stamina_megasprint_cost_per_second X arrow_unlimited 1 Noclip provide mm_player_time_to_add_mana 0 mm_player_throwforce X
adds the amount that skillpoints
Adds X quantity of adrenaline
Adds X amount of skillpoints
All NPCs, including enemies, execute nothing in ~ all.
Allows player come live after 0 hp.
Enemies will certainly not attack you
God Mode
How plenty of stamina point out are lost per 2nd when sprinting
Infinite arrows
No clipping
Spawn one item
Super quick mana regen
X quantity of thing throwing force

Contributed by: keilukowolf, Swedeishmeatbal, AdamLazaruso, k-bar2, Seyiji, santanian, andrewzorz

offer Item password

Enter "give" into the console, complied with by a an are and the code to get the item the you want.Note: The "Blade that the Spider Goddess" might be an incomplete weapon due to the animation, and the restart "class" provides items/equipment based on the 3 provided classes.

impact Effect item_potion_cure_poison eapon_mm_shield_necroguard weapon_mm_specter_knife weapon_arxcrossbow weapon_mm_bow_explosive weapon_mm_bow_holy weapon_mm_bow_freeze weapon_arxorccleaver weapon_arxclub weapon_mm_staff_combat weapon_arxdaggers weapon_mm_daggers_of_ashes weapon_mm_shield_deathknight weapon_mm_shield_lava weapon_arx_sword_of_fire weapon_mm_bow_sniper item_potion_full_life weapon_mm_daggers_kryss_lk item_potion_life weapon_mm_hook weapon_mm_daggers_light weapon_mm_shield_magic weapon_mm_bow_long weapon_arx_long_sword item_potion_mana weapon_arxkatana weapon_mm_shield_orcsmall weapon_mm_shield_gob weapon_mm_bow_poison weapon_mm_daggers_kryss restart_assassin restart_warrior restart_wizard weapon_arxringmana weapon_arxringprotectfire weapon_arxringstrength weapon_arxringregeneration weapon_arxringsecondchance weapon_arxringdexterity weapon_arxcrossbowrope item_loot_scroll_charm item_loot_scroll_fireball item_loot_scroll_firetrap item_loot_scroll_freeze item_loot_scroll_magic_reflection item_loot_scroll_telekynesis item_loot_scroll_shrink weapon_mm_daggers_shadow weapon_arx_short_sword weapon_sword_souldrinker weapon_mm_staff_mana weapon_mm_staff_spell weapon_mm_staff_holy weapon_mm_staff_fire item_potion_stone weapon_mm_shield_guard weapon_arx_wakizashi_of_excellence weapon_arx_silver_sword weapon_mm_shield_orc weapon_mm_staff_wood
Black Guard"s Shield
Blade the the Spider Goddess
Bow of Fiery Rage
Bow the the Dragonhorn
Bow of Winter"s Breath
Combat Staff
Daggers of the Dragonfang
Death knight Shield
Earthfire Shield
Earthfire Sword
Elven Bow
Full health and wellness Potion
Gutting Kriss
Health Potion
Lightning Daggers
Lightning Shield
Long Bow
Long Sword
Mana Potion
Naga Silksword
Orc Buckler
Orc Shield
Poison Bow
Poison Kriss
Restart map as Assassin
Restart map as Warrior
Restart Map as Wizard
Ring that Arcane Brilliance
Ring that Fire Protection
Ring of Might
Ring the Regeneration
Ring that the Phoenix
Ring the the weaponmaster
Rope Bow
Scroll the Charm
Scroll the Fireball
Scroll the Firetrap
Scroll that Freeze
Scroll that Sanctuary
Scroll that Telekinesis
Scroll that Weakening
Shadowsteel Daggers
Short Sword
Soulreaver Staff
Staff the Reflection
Staff of the Dragonbone
Staff that the Firelord
Stone Skin Potion
Stonehelm Guard"s Shield
Superior Naga Silksword
Sword of the Dragonclaw
Wooden Shield
Wooden Staff

Contributed by: ricehead2o9, AdamLazaruso, Huynher, animefan91

Spawning NPC (Simple)

Spawn NPC v a an easy command.Note: They"re encountering you once they spawn, therefore if it"s an adversary you"re spawning then prepare yourself through the following:notargetai_disableSkillsBegging your enemy

effect mm_npc_create_arantir mm_npc_create_aratrock mm_npc_create_Cyclope mm_npc_create_death_knight mm_npc_create_death_knight_shield mm_npc_create_ghoul mm_npc_create_goblin mm_npc_create_human_guard mm_npc_create_human_guard_bow mm_npc_create_human_guard_shield mm_npc_create_Leanne mm_npc_create_lich mm_npc_create_lich_king mm_npc_create_Menelag mm_npc_create_spider_mini mm_npc_create_necro_guard mm_npc_create_necro_guard_bow mm_npc_create_necro_guard_shield mm_npc_create_necromancer mm_npc_create_necromancer_lord mm_npc_create_orc_sword mm_npc_create_orc_sword_bow mm_npc_create_orc_sword_shield mm_npc_create_Phenrig mm_npc_create_servant_specter mm_npc_create_spider mm_npc_create_undead mm_npc_create_villager_undead mm_npc_create_wizard
Death Knight
Death knight w/ Shield
Guard w/ Bow
Guard w/ Shield
Lich King
Mini Spider
Necroguard w/ Bow
Necroguard w/ Shield
Necromancer Lord
Orc w/ Bow
Orc w/ Shield
Servant Specter
Undead Villager

Contributed by: Huynher

Walkthroughs & FAQs

type Name paper Size detailed FAQs
Enemy/Item FAQ through exaggeration17a 52K