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Perhaps even an ext than any type of other class in civilization of Warcraft, death Knights are well-known for their silly names. Plenty of players simply don’t feeling the require nor care to spend lot time naming a character the starts right at level 55. Others at some point reach a point of frustration when they uncover that 99.9% of every decent surname have already been tackled their server, and also don’t even get me started on exactly how useless the random name generator is at this point.

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With the fatality Knight zerg quiet going solid many year after Wrath that the Lich king’s launch, and plenty of awful brand-new character names gift churned out daily, we decided to translate into a perform of our peak 10 favorites. Specifics we’ll take it a look in ~ our top Ten death Knight names at this time on PlayerScore, and also we encourage you to uncover your very own favorites while browsing around the site rankings and also share them v us below in our forums.

In the meantime, gain our look in ~ the top 10 best (or have to that be worst?) fatality Knight surname on PlayerScore!

10. Mancheese: This one is interesting since it’s a combination of “man” and “cheese” two points that i’m not certain fit for a gift of death and also destruction. Is this fatality Knight a block of cheese or is the a man? the really difficult to tell when it pertains to Death Knights, because most civilization who play castle are normally a mixture the both.

Search because that all characters named Mancheese top top Playerscore!

9. Scrubble: This name provides me think “Scrubbing Bubbles” and reminds me I require to get my restroom clean. The name isn’t horribly bad, however it made me look double at just how strange the is come say. Speak it out loud five times fast. Scrubble. The sounds prefer Disney’s new under the sea adventure.

Search for all characters named Scrubble ~ above Playerscore!

8: Potatoofdoom: death potatoes provided to it is in a rarely breed until Plants vs. Zombies began producing them native sunshine. That strange just how often fatality Knight names room a mix of one, two, or three words and rarely one entire word or name.

find for all personalities named Potatoofdoom top top Playerscore!


Doom potato are occasionally the enemy of death Knights.

7: Dontdieplez: The factor I think this is terrific name for any kind of Death knight is due to the fact that it sounds together if they’re not a death Knight and more of a healer. How often have you heard a healer speak “don’t dice please” whenever who does other stupid and the healer needs to compensate for it?

search for all personalities named Dontdieplez ~ above Playerscore!

6: Ilovetoe: The love the a toe is miscellaneous I uncover rather strange. Top top one hand, it is a death Knight, so probably they reap collecting the toes that the dead? top top the other hand, you have to think really hard on that would proclaim to the people their love that toes.

search for all characters named Ilovetoe top top Playerscore!

5: Lasagna: This one is directly forward, come the point, and also a straightforward one word name. Lasagna. A straightforward food surname that provides us think of the orange haired, zany cat Garfield. That additionally got me come thinking, space there any kind of Death Knights named Cabbage? sure enough, using the PlayerScore find I was able to discover several DKs v this ingenious name.

Remember folks, when in doubt friend can always name your fatality Knight after critical night’s leftovers since, friend know, they’re sort of currently the Lich king’s leftovers…

find for all personalities named Lasagna top top Playerscore! while you're in ~ it, look up Garfield too!

4: Adeathknight: periodically you require to introduce yourself therefore that world understand just who you are. This name tells all. “A death Knight.” It’s really descriptive and also suits the class really well. Heck, I might see it help in raid scenarios. “A fatality Knight, get out the the fire!” “What? simply one or do you want every one of us?”

find for all characters named Adeathknight on Playerscore! It's super popular.

3: Itscoldhere: BlizzCon is well-known for being frosty and also this winter has been one because that the record books. This fatality Knight understands specifically how the or she feels appropriate now. They’re cold.

search for all personalities named Itscoldhere on Playerscore!

2: Limppickle: i don’t have actually much to say around this one, ns think that honestly speaks for itself. Ns mean, death knights are just reanimated corpses, so that stands to reason that their pickles would be limp, right?

search for all characters named Limppickle on Playerscore!


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Arthas (or any combination thereof) or TheLichKing: No list would be complete until the #1 spot to be taken increase by those ingenious death Knights who name their DK after ~ Arthas making use of those awesome alt codes or in which method insinuate that they themselves space the Lich King.

search for all characters named Arthàs top top Playerscore!

That wraps increase our optimal 10 choose for death Knight names found on PlayerScore! Why not concerned the forums and also share part hilarious or downright monster DK names you’ve come across on the site? We’re wait on you!