Synonym:decipher,decrypt.Similar words:machine code,code,codex,postcode,penal code,genetic code,code of conduct,decoy.Meaning:<‚diː"kəʊd>
v. Transform code right into ordinary language.

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(7) once receptors receive and decode the message in stimulate to i found it the meaning(londonchinatown.org), the procedure is no less complex.
(8) to decode photographs and advertising images an ext effectively, that is vital for united state to know their context.
(15) This adaptive decoder can decode shorten RS code with variable block length as well as variable blog post length.
(16) This system had features with video compression, decode, network transmission, image store, image index playback, long-range control of vidicon, PTZ control and voice frequency alarm.
(19) Introduction consistent speech processing requires the application of very many resources of understanding in order come decode the utterance.
(20) publicly keys have the right to be maintained in some central repository and retrieved come decode or encode information.
(23) proficiency will proceed to count upon the power to decipher words and also to decode your connotations.
(25) keep in mind compression istransfer v the network or telecommunication attach to go, and also in the video decoder to decode.
(26) In post-genome era, the target of sensible genomics examine is come decode the features of genes and control them.
(27) The language frameworks that are greatly shared among the members that a speech ar are used to encode and also decode various threads of an interpretation that are connected in spoken turns.
(28) Appling the theory of information and also code. This paper gives the password rule, information code methods and also decode rule of little code and frame data code.
(29) This record introduces the theory and also algorithm that SVM at first. It proposes to usage the SVM to decode FSK signal based upon the classifiable personality of SVM.
(30) The coding rule of the password in AMI BIOS and the code"s position in CMOS RAM room reveled in this document and a method of decode and also it"s assemble assemble routine are presented as well.

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