*spoilers ~ the cut*

Chapter 1

In order to graduate, the gods have to attend lessons, however Takeru, Loki, and Dionysus room skipping class. Yui goes to check out Zeus around it yet he tells her to resolve it herself. Yui keeps trying to obtain Dionysus to attend class and eventually finds out he’s been tending to this grapevine in the forest. He has been tending to it since he was young and it to be transported come the hakoniwa in addition to him.

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Chapter 3 (Love)

Thoth notifies Yui the they will soon have exams. Yui convinces Dionysus come go v her to the library come study yet he slips far while Apollon is talking to Yui. Yui goes to look because that him(again for favor the umpteenth time in this route…-_-) and also feels a little bit jealous once she sees the in the hallway surrounding by girls.

Thoth tells Yui the Greek gods space in peril of being unable come graduate, particularly Dionysus, and tells she to teach lock with an emphasis on the difference in between humans and gods. Thus they decision to walk on a trip together, continuing to be 3 days and 2 nights in ~ a cottage. Yui wakes up in the center of the night to uncover Dionysus sitting by a campfire outside.

He claims that he’s celebrate his birthday, also though the has already passed because Dionysus’ date of birth is in autumn however Zeus skipped the season. Yui is surprised to find out that Zeus is his father, make Apollon his half-brother. Dionysus comments the someone like him can’t compare with Apollon whose mother is a goddess, since Dionysus’ mom was a human.

The following day after dark, Hades argues they go stargazing but Dionysus stays behind. Yui returns to the cottage since she is worried around Dionysus, and also finds that lying on the sofa, having actually drunk numerous bottles that wine. Yui bring away the glass from his hand and tries to gain him to go to his room however Dionysus pulls her under onto the sofa and also removes his shirt. The stops as soon as they hear Dionysus and also Hades approaching and also Yui pushes him away. Dionysus then comments the he’s unable to kiss she yet again, definition nothing actually occurred the night they slept top top the exact same bed lol.


Everyone is happy due to the fact that now they have the right to all graduate, and Dionysus renders out with Yui in the forest. That asks her to monitor him back to his world, however will respect she choice. Not surprising at all for anyone who’s played Kamiaso before but subject of fate selection here.

Love end 1

Yui desires to be with him yet can’t leave her loved ones earlier in her world. Graduation work arrives and also Yui return to her civilization with no memory of the hakoniwa. One day, she goes the end to fulfill her friend however her girlfriend cancels at the last minute. She watch a street musician and wonders why she has actually such strong feelings upon see a guy she has never met. It’s Dionysus, who hugs her, saying he’s been trying to find her and asks she out.

Love end 2

Yui agrees come go ago with the so they go to see Zeus. Dionysus speaks to Zeus about wanting to carry Yui earlier with him together his life partner and Zeus agrees, informing Yui he’s leave his son in she care. Dionysus and also Yui both say thanks to him. Zeus doing something fatherly for when lol.

Graduation arrives and also they both go to the civilization of the Greek gods. Dionysus provides Yui a ring saying he’s never going come let her go and also they make out. He tells she he’s going come make all of her his and also she asks him to please carry out so. The last heat we gain is the narration speak the long night that Olympus has only simply begun. Hurhur the effects lol.


They begin work ~ above the mural however Dionysus unexpectedly asks if Yui and Hades might leave the by himself because he wants to concentrate. They carry out so until sooner or later Dionysus asks them come go and see the mural. He’s completed it, but when Yui count the gods, there are just 11. Due to the fact that of this, Zeus rejects their mural. Yui walk to view Zeus, asking him what’s the definition of having Dionysus paint the 12 Olympian gods.

Dionysus believed he was unable to return to the civilization of the gods because he was incomplete. After ~ gathering many followers he to be finally dubbed to the world of the gods. On top of the a goddess, Hestia, provided her chair as one of the 12 OIympian god to him. This placed a an excellent strain on Dionysus. Him illustration just 11 gods was pretty much an insinuation to Zeus. Yet Zeus wants Dionysus to realize himself that the chair wasn’t given to him out of pity or atonement.

Yui returns to the hall to discover the space where the 12th god is intended to be drawn covered in black paint, most most likely done by Dionysus. Dionysus tells her as soon as he to be living in the mortal realm, that looked to the sky wishing he can live with his family, however when he obtained there he obtained a shock due to the fact that of just how confident and perfect the other gods were. Also if he has inherited the blood that Zeus he have the right to never be a god prefer them. He guarantees at the really least that won’t influence Hades’ or Yui’s graduation. Yui replies the she will wait for him in the hall and goes back to start resolving the canvas.


He then supplies his strength to reclaim the grapevine before resting his head ~ above Yui’s lap because he’s exhausted. They go to Zeus’ office and also Dionysus speak Zeus he’s come to acknowledge himself. Since there’s someone believing in him, he was able to believe in himself. V this, Zeus declares the both that them room able to graduate and also Dionysus many thanks his father for bringing him come the hakoniwa.

The gods decide to hold a graduation party and also Thoth asks Yui to pick who’s going to organize it. Thread of fate choice here.

Fate end 1

Dionysus is favored to organize the party and after the party, Yui meets Dionysus in the forest. He desires to thank her properly prior to they part ways because that helping the so much. Dionysus kisses Yui on the forehead and tells her not to cry, saying a smiling challenge suits her much more than that does any kind of other girl he knows. Yui thanks him too and they go to to visit the graduation ceremony.

Fate finish 2

Everyone organizes the party together and the party is relocated indoors after ~ it started to rain. Akira mirrors up come congratulate his younger brothers. Dionysus marvels if something can be done around the rain v Akira and Apollon around, yet then Zeus shows up and uses his power to clean the skies for this reason they deserve to all lug on v their party.


Ok so basically in the fate course Dionysus just lacks the self awareness and also confidence of being a god.

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Long. Also long. Ns tried come summarize yet still >_> Dionysus’ route isn’t my favourite. I understand that also though I’m just three and also a half routes done through the video game lol. Still, wasn’t also bad. I just didn’t choose how numerous times Yui had actually to talk Dionysus right into participating and stuff and also giving that pep talks every the time. I wrote fifty percent of this when a little bit sleepy for this reason let me recognize if I’ve obtained anything wrong.