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‘In bespeak to repaint the human kind better, he studied anatomy, dissecting numerous cadavers at a time when this to be unusual, and also drawing them in painstaking detail.’‘From every plant one randomly chosen, new flower was dissected under a binocular microscope to different the corolla, androecium and also gynoecium.’‘Come 9pm it is difficult to stop a body being dissected or a corpse in a state the decomposition.’‘We were told the story that a student whose grandfather, himself a clinical doctor, had specifically asked her to dissect his body after death.’‘The animal was eventually sacrificed for research objectives - once the researchers dissected the body, which by now was an extremely weak and also thin, they uncovered that the creature"s digestive system had totally disappeared.’‘Not also the very first time she dissected a human being body?’‘Trees were dissected right into leaves, bark and also wood of assorted trunk sections; lateral roots; and bark and also wood of key root sections.’‘Guidelines from the imperial College the Pathologists allow mortuary technicians to dissect bodies and also remove organs in the lack of the pathologist.’‘In Scotland and also in England royal assent was required in order come dissect the body of hanged felons.’‘I wondered about the ethics of dissecting a donated body for general interest quite than professional research.’‘After she died, she body to be dissected and her mind and genitals preserved, with casts of she body and also her skeleton.’‘The victim"s body was dissected in ~ the scene, causing shock and public mourning.’‘For Sisyranthus trichostomus, the corona is not visible without dissecting the flower.’‘This is exciting, because it method that we deserve to dissect the chimpanzee species and ask, where room the environmental influences and also what results are castle having?’‘The relocate was argued by Islamic leader whose faith disapproves the bodies gift dissected through pathologists attempting to uncover the reason of death.’‘Galen was likewise interested in person anatomy yet there is no proof that that dissected human bodies - though rumours persisted that he did.’‘At the time, the knowledge of anatomy was occurring rapidly however anatomists were just legally enabled to dissect the corpses of enforcement criminals.’‘When she died in 1815, her corpse to be dissected by a French surgeon and also parts of it, including the mind and genitalia, preserved in bottles.’‘When together a clinical student friend dissected a cadaver, to be there points said and also done that left you deep worried around the respect the you can be presented when you are dead?’‘I studied the nude, and also at the medical Institute us were made come dissect corpses.’