This Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Guide will help you with how to join the Spears of The Church Covenant and complete the tasks required to achieve this goal.

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Spears of The Church Covenant is a new convenant included in the Dark Souls 3: The RInged City DLC. This is a defender convenant meaning memebers will be summoned to defend the are from the tresspassers.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Guide

How To Join The Spears of The Church Covenant

To join the Spears of The Church Covenant you will have to equip the “Spears of the Church”. In order to get your hands on “Spears of the Church”, you will have to defeat the Darkeater Midir boss. Given that Darkeater Midir boss is an optional boss it is very easy to miss him.

First time you will encounter him on the stone bridge but it will run from there to the arena. So, to get there teleport to the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire and get into the shortcut elevator.

However, instead of going where the elevator will take you will have to jump through an opening in the wall while in the elevator. Just jump through it.

Once you are in the round room with the statues, break the statue to the right to reveal an illusory wall. Follow the corridor and go down the ladder. As you enter the chapel ahead, you will find a cave behind the altar. Go inside the cave and jump into the hole.

Rank Up The Spears of The Church CovenantReach the covenant alter, and to reach there ride the elevator down and exit to the left. You will see a giant stone slab halfway up the hill.

All you have to do is interact with the Divine Spear Monument to offer the Filianore’s Spear Ornaments. Filianore’s Spear Ornaments are dropped by Ringed Knight, but mostly you will acquire them by doing PvP for the covenant.

If you have not being summoned, you can try resurrecting Judicator Argo at the Purging Monument. While it is a dangerous move, depends on your level, but could be a necessary one if you’ve already beaten the Halflight boss.

RewardsLike all the other covenants you will be rewarded for returning enough Covenant items. There are basically two tiers of rewards for Spears of The Church covenant.

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Young Grass Dew (10 ornaments) Divine Spear Fragment (30 ornaments)

That is all for our Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City How To Join The Spears of The Church Covenant guide, with tips on how to acquire the items required to join it.