When in mine room ~ above the computer/doing hw/watching tv on school nights I always used to drink water, and also fill it ago up as soon as I drink every one of it. Lately I have been having gatorade instead and filling it up through water(when practically empty to get an ext gatorade. I was wondering if the gatorade rather of water might be the factor I am having actually trouble falling sleep lately.

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Absolutely gatorade can be affecting your sleep.

Gatorade is complete of sugar.

Every form of sugar deserve to interrupt sleep if you have actually too much of it. The problem with street is the blood sugar high that creates complied with by the crash. No a an excellent sleep crash, yet a crash where you wake up up agitated and also hungry.

Plus her sleep patterns have the right to be more disturbed since its a poor source of energy.

Even if it wasn't full of sugar, drinking large volumes of any kind of liquid can wake girlfriend up just as your falling sleep or any kind of time during the night reason you need to pee.

Not certain if the helps.. I would simply avoid gatorade 2 hours prior to you sleep and have a small cup the water prior to bed to prevent de-hydration.

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