Spot-on flea assets are advertised in every kind of media accessible to animal guardians and also veterinarians, and are touted as safe and effective. However, as we disputed in February 2002, the safety record of these assets is not as spotless as the manufacturers would certainly make united state believe. ~ all, castle contain pesticides, which room poisons, and they likewise contain toxic ingredients that room not discover to consumers – or also veterinarians – without using through the flexibility of details Act.

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The risk presented by these assets becomes apparent in the numerous incident reports that sit in the eco-friendly Protection Agency’s documents – no to point out the manufacturer’s own animal laboratory studies. This logs indicate numerous deaths and illnesses the cats and dogs who have been treated v these products by their guardians and veterinarians.


This application functions as one abrasive and also desiccant, physically dry out and also destroying the adult fleas’ breath organs and also drying out and killing flea larvae. This procedure is inexpensive, and the flea cannot construct resistance come DE. Usage a mask whenever dealing with DE; the dust can irritate the lungs.

Planet natural sells DE.

Flood v a Garden Hose

Thoroughly water tap down any type of outdoor areas where dogs cave out; this will drown adult fleas, and also kill flea larvae, pupae, and also eggs.

Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes space tiny worms that kill flea larvae and pupae through feeding top top them. They can be to buy from progressive garden supply stores and catalogs and spread approximately the garden. Nematodes work especially well in warm, humid climates. Castle are obtainable through Gardens Alive and also Planet Natural.

3. Sterilize her Indoor Environment

Indoor environment regulate is reasonably simple, and like her outdoor regulate efforts, should focus on the largest component of the flea populace – the nonadult stages.

Wash Floors Frequently

Flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are attracted to cracks and also joints in floors.

Remove Area RugsDuring the Flea Season

If you space considering a remodel or new construction, choose alternatives to wall-to-wall carpeting, such together cork, wood, ceramic, or linoleum (not vinyl) flooring.

Vacuum Carpeting Daily

Do this throughout most intense time the infestation, cutting ago to as soon as or double a week when it is under control. Seal the vacuum bag each time and put that in a freezer to death the fleas before reusing.

Wash her Dog’s Bedding

Wash that at the very least once a main in warm water and also a gentle detergent, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide (a whitening agent).

Professional Steaming

Hire a experienced to steam clean her carpeting, furniture, and also dog bedding. Use only warm water in the steam cleaning – no additives. Vapor kills adult fleas and larvae and stimulates flea eggs to hatch. Vacuum day-to-day within two days after the vapor cleaning treatment to catch the recently hatched fleas. Be thorough; move all furniture and vacuum underneath and in every corners. Bathe your dog best after steam cleaning.

Set Flea Traps

A light trap attracts and also kills adult fleas. Many traps employ irradiate to lure fleas, and also either adhesive material or water come trap and also kill the adult fleas that arrive. Girlfriend can also make your very own trap v sticky ice or a pan the soapy water in ~ a hanging irradiate bulb.

Flea Removal alternatives with *Slight* Toxicity

So far, every the indoor approaches we debated are nontoxic. The techniques we’ll discuss next have actually some toxicity properties. However, effectively used, these are very safe – far safer than pesticides.

Inert Desiccant Dusts

There are several chemically inert desiccant dusts, including diatomaceous planet (DE), that have the right to be applied to your carpeting to effectively kill fleas in all their life stages. Use only food grade (natural) DE – stop swimming pool grade. Use care when applying; keep pets out that the rooms gift treated. Dusts can cause breathing difficulties in humans and also animals and exacerbate asthmatic conditions. Do not use if any kind of household members have asthmatic or top respiratory conditions. Undertake a mask once handling and apply close come the carpet surface ar (avoid developing airborne dust).

Apply in ~ the beginning of your flea season, and also keep crawling children and animals the end of those rooms. A day after application, vacuum fine to eliminate the residual.

Using Boron to kill Fleas

There are several boron-based link that can be used to kill fleas, consisting of (unscented) Twenty Mule Team Borax (available in grocery stores) or boric mountain powder (available in many garden centers; use only assets that space 100 percent boric acid). Flea Busters Rx for Fleas have the right to be hired to apply sodium polyborate (100 percent active ingredient) to her carpets about every eight months.

Note: Tests suggest that boron has actually some toxicity when applied to broken skin.

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Give combined Pest management Time come Work

Sometimes the answer come our difficulty is really simple, however takes the one point we seem to struggle with day-to-day – time. Time to know the full impacts of the flea product you room considering using, and also time to develop a healthy environment for her dog throughout the flea season, and year-round.

It walk take much more time for an IPM routine to work than it would certainly if you used pesticides. But it is essential to know that pesticide use can be danger to her family’s health. In her publication Designer Poisons – around the risks of pesticide – Dr. Marion Moses minces no words: “When we share metabolic or neuro pathways with insects, we are influenced by this chemicals. The difference is just in lot – just because it doesn’t kill humans or animals doesn’t typical it is not having actually damaging health effects.”