This scientific research fair job topic that tests white candles vs colored candles v respect to how long they take to burn calls for commonly obtainable supplies and also can it is in performed easily. Girlfriend can apply the knowledge obtained from your day-to-day activities involving burn candles. Background details on the task would come in handy throughout the execution. Plotting a graph of the different rates in ~ which the candles burn helps in the discussion.

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Do White candle Burn faster Than colored Candles

Do Colored candles Burn much faster Than White candle Project

Problem Statement

The experiment proves i beg your pardon candle burns faster, white or any kind of of the fancy ones.


The experiment would create the truth that white colored candles burn quicker than white candles as result of the chemicals current in them.


Candles of various colors and also white are melted up to a specific mark on their bodies and the time bring away is checked to analyze which one burns the fastest.


White and also colored candles of the exact same brand, same size and also shapePermanent markerScissorsWatchRuler


Trim the wicks the the candles such that all are of the very same length and also place them around 10 inches personal on a table so the the burning of any type of candle doesn’t affect the nearby one.Mark a line on the candle the is one inch from the top with the irreversible marker.Light castle simultaneously and also observe the moment it takes to burn as much as the mark.Record the monitoring data in a table layout as offered below.
Color the the candlesTime required to burn one inch
Plot a graph (a bar graph would be good) with the shade as the X-axis (independent variable) and the time required to burn as much as the note as the Y-axis (dependent variable). You have the right to prepare a suitable lab report and also charts too.


All the fancy candles take times that space lesser than the white candle. Keep in mind that the size and brand of the candles are constant and hence they space the regulated variables


The white candle burns slower 보다 the fancy candles.


The colored candles space seen come burn much less than the white ones as the colored ones have actually dyes that space nothing but chemicals which do the candles hotter and also burn them quicker.

Background Research

The candles space nothing however a fixed of wax through a wick in the middle. Chemical compounds are blended together to do wax the major ones being beeswax and also paraffin wax. The wick is a item of braided noodle the thickness the which, except the wax, also decides the time taken for a candle come burn.

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There have the right to be various kinds of candle such as tea light, taper and also jar candles. Floating candles deserve to be placed in water while outdoor candles space the bigger varieties. There are the scented varieties and the birthday candles space skinny. With the advent of electricity, candles are now largely used because that emergency purposes.