Released ByKaioShinLanguageEnglishStatusFully Playable PlatformGame boy AdvancePatching InformationNo one-of-a-kind RequirementsGenreRole PlayingPublished ByEnixGame Date29 march 2003Patch Version1.0Release Date16 in march 2008ReadmeReadme FileDownloads51508Last Modified05 December 2015
Dragon quest Monsters: Caravan heart is the third installment in the well known Dragon pursuit Monsters series. It’s the only video game in the Monsters series that didn’t obtain an main English localization.

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This was the really last game published by Enix before they combined with Square. Follow Prince Kiefer (one of the heroes the Dragon search VII) top top his quest to aid a friend find a cure for his parent’s illness. You’ll take trip in a cultivation Caravan, full of trained security monsters and a whole bunch of human being party members.


Great graphicsClassic Dragon pursuit Soundtrack200 MonstersMonster Reformations making use of the understanding of befriended monstersFight both with Monsters and also Human party members22 Classes for the human being party membersLot’s of depth and also strategic possibilitiesLight-hearted main questA the majority of optional bonus contents after finishing the key story

After 2 year of specialized work, we’re proud to present the finish English translation of Dragon pursuit Monsters: Caravan Hearts.

I’d prefer to thank everyone top top the team and everyone who contributed over the year for their support. I’d additionally like come thank every one of the fans who left encouraging comments for us and who believed in this project until the end.

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Please check out the release notes bundled with the patch. Lock don’t just contain ‘boring’ technical information but likewise lots of lift information around the game and also the translation and also some note from ours translator.

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