Restrained -Being restrained is a dream price for having your an individual autonomy and also power take away away. If girlfriend cannot move your human body in a dream due to the fact that you have actually been restrained, this is a clean indication that an additional person in your life is staying clear of you from taking the plot in her life to do the achievements you wish to.

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This may be a toxicity relationship, or it might be one accidental incident as a an outcome of circumstances, fairly than who deliberately trying to damage you or your autonomy. The full definition of this dream symbol will certainly vary depending on the other people and circumstances bordering it, and also the emotions present.

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Sky onMay 18, 2020 9:19 pm

I simply woke up from this dream of being held down and also I keep having actually dreams about it. The first time was more than likely 3 or 4 years back when someone tried to host me in the darkness however I didn’t understand who it to be or what it was. Currently I keep having actually that dream now and then. A few month’s earlier I had actually the same dream except I to be trying to obtain up but I to be struggling. Ns was laying under on mine stomach and felt choose I to be being held down by something but I couldn’t check out it. I eventually got up but I felt weak and couldn’t with my room irradiate or door for part reason. In these desires I never get to view what the is or that it is and I’m never able to scream or talk in the dream. The dream the I just woke increase from a couple of minutes back was a bit different from the others though. In this dream it to be a pretty common day and it feeling real yet it wasn’t. It to be probably roughly 6pm in my dream and also I checked out the bathroom. When I came earlier I turned turn off my light and also laid down on mine bed. I tried to get up but I kinda feeling something pulling on my arm. This dream was comparable to the critical one wherein I tried to reach the light or my door yet I wasn’t weak. Ns was close to my door yet it wouldn’t let me open up it. It dragged me earlier to mine bed and also made me lay down on mine back. I tried come get ago up however I couldn’t ns tried to scream yet it spanned my mouth so as soon as that taken place I simply laid over there in my dream. ~ that ns woke up. Also though ns was laying under on my ago I should’ve had actually a an excellent view the its silhouette or face however I couldn’t check out anything. Possibly the thing that to be holding me down was myself yet I’m no sure.


Omg! ns have had actually those same kind that dreams. It’s an extremely traumatic. Ns can’t get away and also it’s like a power is hold me down, not a hand. Wonder if it means I am powerless in mine life and I must take control??


This has actually happened to me numerous times recently. Simply a few nights back was the latest episode. In each chance I felt held down and restrained yet this recent event I combated back. Ns did feel are afraid but also anger together I shouted, “Get turn off of me” many times and “Let walk of me”! uneven the front times, I seemed to fall back into a depth state that sleep quite quickly. Ns was quite shaken the first couple of times this occurred. What’s weird is the I hardly ever reach R.E.M. Sleep or remember dreams. These events seem therefore profound yet make sense about its definition and interpretation.

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