Do these even exist exterior of Val’sharah? would certainly it it is in feasible to effort to rp as one? I favor the idea of a an ext passive, stoic resto Druid


We recognize hardly anything around them so unless they obtain Calia'd you might RP one doing every little thing you want, really.

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Mostly what us know about Druid the the Antler is the they room followers of Malorne. Yes, really ask we have actually is what you check out in Val'sharah. What we deserve to probably take far from lock is the they are much more nature thrust than many Druids, more than likely preferring to spend a majority of their time in the wilds rather than v society. I'd imagine they're probably closer to a D&D Druid in some methods than constant WoW Druids.

Do friend think I have to pick a various totem for my Druid then? I think the talon is claimed to be comparable to the personality i was going for, yet I to be imagining the Antler to be observant, however still emotionally pushed (from the legend of The White Stag and also the Moon). I wanted my Druid to have actually a deeper link to various other wildlife, and imagined it would certainly make an ext sense for her to run through herds than fly over them.

All of this is just in mine head though, as I’ve never ever actually duty played a Druid before

I say go for it! personally I'm always split between calling mine druid either a Grove, Branch or Antler druid.. As every one of them yes, really lean right into the \"natural\" elements of druidism, as opposed come the astral/shapeshifting that the other totems. Druids that the Antler are more than likely not the most charismatic that people, and you could completely RP one who's been in the wilds because that a while. Or freshly woke indigenous the Emerald Dream or something. I can absolutely recommend an Antler if you are trying to find a more peaceful, treehugging sorta druid.

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I think i will! i’ve written many of the trp out so far, and also I placed a heavy focus on her direct connection with critters and also beasts. She always has a critter pets out, supplies the base Pepe toy, and uses critter charm whenever possible. Ns really desire to lean much more on fauna than flora, and also I think Antler is the means to go!


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