(Construction add to Dinosaurs--kinda reminds me of my four-year-old"s favourite TV show Dinotrux!)Bear Adventure: Baloo the Builderrequirements
Complete all ofthe following requirements.

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1. Uncover whichhand tools room the ideal ones to have in your toolbox. Learn the rules because that usingthese tools safely. Practice with in ~ least 4 of these tools prior to beginninga project.2. Select, plan,and define the materials for the project you will complete in requirement 3.3. Assemble yourmaterials, and build one beneficial project and one fun task using wood.4. Apply a finishto one of your projectsWolf Elective Adventure: Digging in thePast needs Complete thefollowing Requirements.1. Pat a gamethat demonstrates your expertise of dinosaurs, such together a dinosaur complement game.2. Produce animaginary dinosaur. Share with your den that name, what that eats, and also where itlives.3. Complete oneof the following: A. Make a fossil cast. 
B. Do a dinosaur dig. Be apaleontologist, and also dig v a dinosaur dig made by an additional member the yourden. Show and explain the ways a paleontologist works closely during a dig. 
4. Make edible fossil layers. Define how thissnack is a great model for the formation of fossils.
collection Activity: beat the Dinosaur complement game from the Den Leader"s Guide. For a fun twist you have the right to buy toy dinosaurs and have the boys match to actual 3D dinosaurs. We likewise challenged lock to watch if they can accurately kind the toy dinosaurs by even if it is they were plant or meat eaters and also the guys loved reflecting us that they could! Dinosaurs because that this badge are most cheaply purchased at dollar tree (if in stock) or from Amazon if you can get cost-free shipping. Walmart and Party City are likewise options if they have actually dinosaurs in stock. I purchased 7" dinosaurs therefore we might use them to decorate the bookend project, yet if you space using them for the game, because that digs, or to make fossil footprints, or to decorate your edible fossils, quite much any type of size will certainly work.
Yeonha toys at Amazon.com
Dollar Tree

Dinosaur Bookends


This month, I have actually 7 guys in my den and four that them space special needs, so to keep things relocating along, us made certain the be afflicted with scouts go all 4 wood working skills (measure the book ends, screw lock together, sand them, practice cutting through a observed on part scrap wood) and also the other boys only had to sand their projects (my wolf didn"t have actually the attention expectations or pistol motor skills to perform all the hardwood working skills.) mine husband pre-drilled and also put the screws in for the younger scouts (Bears aided put in their own screws) and Home Depot measured and also sawed the blocks because that us. The dimensions to be 3x4" and 6x4" 2 blocks that each. The boys had actually fun sanding and also then lock painted their bookends. I had envisioned white, but my cubs found other colour of paint and we ended up with a many splatter painting which in reality looked great. We used spray paint, but half the boys couldn"t carry out spray painting an extremely well and also I to be terrified the would obtain on your clothes, so next time i think I"ll have actually paint shirts and acrylic repaint ready to go. I had actually each boy pick a dinosaur toy to decorate your bookend so ns would recognize which ones to have cut and also ready because that gluing the next week. The indict I complied with said to reduced the dinosaurs with a stanley knife and glue the dinosaurs ~ above with warm glue, but we provided E6000 outside in a well ventilated spot just to be certain it would hold(see walmart handmade section).
rubberbands aid hold things in ar while the glue dries.
Supplies because that Dinosaur Bookends 1x4 lumber cut into two 3" and two 6" block 1 1/2" screws tool or good grit sandpaper paper or cardboard to cover ground while painting paint (green, white, black) repaint brushes if using acrylic paint rather 보다 spray paint warm glue or E6000 rubber bands or masking tape to host dinos in ar while adhesive dries.
Gathering: finish gluing or paint or staining the "useful" job if needed, (such as gluing dinosaurs ~ above the bookends), or tell dinosaur jokes. If you plan on doing dinosaur digs following time, have the first boys come arrive help you v these, if boys are late and don"t aid make the digs, don"t worry too much, the need only specificies that they do a destruction made by one more cub scout, not that lock personally make the dig.

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Check this book out from her library, mine cub scouts loved it together a gatheringactivity!
Dinosaur Digs: lay the end bones, dinosaurs, toys, sea shells, coins, etc in a plastic container, 1 for each boy. For an simpler dig Mix 4-8 cups sand through 1 cup plaster of paris and also 1 cup water. Working quickly (this set fast) class sand, climate misc items, then more sand and also leave to air dry, (don"t cover with a lid) until next week. The adhering to week they can dig them out through spoons, plastic knives, bamboo skewers, and paint brushes. If you use all plaster of paris friend will require nails and hammers to do the dig. The less complicated dig will take 15-20 minutes. If you have a most older boys, you"ll desire to do the destruction harder. Activity: make an imaginary dinosaur(s) and fill the end a trading map or cards for each dinosaur. The imaginary dinosaur pictured in the Wolf book uses record rolls, boxes, and also bottles. If law these kinds of dinosaurs have lots and also lots of tape and also some sharpie markers on hand. Ns knew mine den necessary something simpler. Thesimplest variation I saw for this to be clothespins , foam shapes, and record (see picture below). The gluesticks, clothespins, plates, foam, and markers have the right to all it is in purchased in ~ the dissension store, craft store, or walmart. If you space lucky you will even discover the foam in little peel and stick shapes. I would have actually the foam, head and tail pieces prepared in advance. Then the guys can include their own color to the plates and clothespins with crayon or marker and glue the foam ~ above themselves!
picture from a on facebook post
one more option is do playdough dinosaurs. Inspect out these pictures of great playdoughfantasticaldinosaurs!!! (scroll down to the eighth project-pasta, googley eyes, and also play dough. There is even a timber imaginary dinosaur project, for this reason you could have the Baloo "fun project" and the "imaginary dinosaur" it is in the very same activity!!!).
i love having a fill in the blank card all set where we compose down the creature"s name, food, and where it resides so the they have the right to take home and show off how an innovative they are. Ns encourage stunner dinosaurs likepizza-o-saurus or stinkysock-o-saurus. Example: name: bubble Gum-a-saurus favorite food: bubble gum lives: in sticky swamps and also blows bubbles the end of slime and also muck
To make dough because that the fossil cast look authentic, try adding coffee grounds to the recipe. Questioning at any restaurant or a great friend if girlfriend don"t have your own, they simply go in the trash after all, I"m certain they would be happy to help out the cub scouts! Or you have the right to put sand in the dough for a pretty texture together well. Below are two an excellent idea pages

Dinosaur Fossil Doughfrom Red dragon Days blog
Sand doughfrom Frugal fun for Boys
Activity: make edible fossil layers

The Wolf book calls because that strawberry jello, animal crackers, crushed graham crackers, and vanilla pudding. We subbed our favourite pretzel jello dessert cooking recipes which is similar, however we especially like because of the buttery sweet pretzels.
You deserve to layer in cups, but the class were an ext visible utilizing a glass pan. I had half the recipe in cup and fifty percent in the pan. We weren"t able to obtain two layers of cream, yet you might have much better luck with pudding. Also if a young doesn"t like one of the layers, he can take his dessert cup home to his family and just munch top top pretzels or level jello for his snack at the activity.