Shaving and also waxing is a short-term resolve that costs money and time and can still create unsightly structure hairs.

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The staff at Columbia Skin Clinic space specialists in long-term hair removal. We make use of multiple methods, consisting of laser hair removal, to attain the touchably smooth skin year-round.

Laser hair remove is a procedure that sends out an intense pulsating beam that light into the hair follicle, death the root and inhibiting future hair growth.

While laser hair removal effectively slows down hair growth, it doesn’t guarantee long-term hair removal. It generally takes a series of therapies to target the miscellaneous stages that hair growth and administer an extended hair-free period. Regular maintenance treatments might be needed.

The ideal candidates because that laser hair removal have hair the is darker than his or she skin tone. A dermatologist deserve to consult v you to determine if laser hair remove is an ideal option.

As the just FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal, electrolysis is efficient in remove hair regardless of heredity, metabolic or hormonal conditions.

Electrolysis works for every skin types, hair types, skin colors, hair colors and areas that the body.

During treatment, a small electric current istransfer by a fine, sterile probe directly into the hair follicle, damaging its growth facility using warmth or chemistry energy. Climate the hair is eliminated with tweezers.

Immediately adhering to treatment, redness or tenderness might temporarily occur. The electrologist will administer you v post-treatment instructions and any personal attention you might need.


Tabitha Owens is our in-house electrolysis hair removal specialist. She has actually completed a 600-hour electrology routine with The Electrology institute of NE and also clinical study with The Atlanta institution of Electrolysis. Tabitha is at this time taking appointments in ~ our Columbia location.

If you room interested in receiving electrolysis hair removal with Tabitha, please fill the end the form below come schedule a consultation or call us v the blog post Us Now switch at the top of the screen. Consultations are easily accessible for complimentary if booked on the very same day as your procedure. Consultations different from the procedure date are $25 and can be used to your procedure cost if the procedure appointment is booked the exact same day together the consult.

Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our certified providers to discover what services are best for you. During this one-on-one time, you will produce a customized plan to satisfy your details goals. Call us this day to publication your informative consultation to begin your trip to healthy and glowing skin!

Consultations to discuss injections, fillers, PRP, TruSculpt, Profound and also CORE call for an $80 deposit that have the right to be used towards services if an appointment is booked the day of the consult.

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With 4 convenient places in the Midlands, Columbia Skin Clinic has a commitment come delivering terrific dermatology care.


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