Emperor Gaozong of flavor (Chinese: 唐高宗; pinyin: Táng Gāozōng) (reign native the 21st of July 628, come the 27th of December 683, personal name Li Zhi (李治), to be the 3rd emperor the the Tang empire in China, judgment from 649 come 683 (although after ~ January 665 much of the governance was in the hand of his second wife Empress Wu (later recognized as Wu Zetian)). Emperor Gaozong to be the son of Emperor Taizong and also Empress Zhangsun.

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Emperor Gaozong was aided in his dominance by Empress Wu during the later years that his power after a series of strokes left that incapacitated. Emperor Gaozong delegated all matters the state come his wife and after he passed away in 683, strength fell completely into the hand of Empress Wu, that subsequently ended up being the just reigning Empress that China. ~ his death, he was interred in ~ the Qianling Mausoleum together with Wu Zetian.

Historians have usually viewed Emperor Gaozong together a weak ruler, inattentive come the company of the state and leaving such company to his an effective wife Empress Wu. During the an initial part the his reign, flavor territorial gains, which started with his father Emperor Taizong, continued, including the conquest of Baekje, Goguryeo, and also Western Tujue, yet throughout the 670s, much of those gains were lost to Tufan, Silla, Khitan, and Balhae. Further, are previously dominated that belonged come both Eastern and also Western Tujue to be subjected to recurring rebellions.


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