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English Brushup 6e offers a brief and also inexpensive overview to the grammar, punctuation, and usage skills that students require most. It supplies a combination of attributes not found in various other texts. Its focus is on crucial skills, self-teaching approach, reasonable size, and also outstanding instructor's supplements.

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John Langan has actually taught reading and also writing at Atlantic Cape ar College for more than 25 years. The author of a popular collection of college textbooks ~ above both writing and reading, john enjoys the an obstacle of developing instructive products that room clear and also lively. Prior to teaching, he earned advanced degrees in writing at Rutgers University and in analysis at Rowan University. He likewise spent a year composing fiction that “is currently at the ago of a drawer wait to be discovered and also acclaimed posthumously.” if in school, he sustained himself by working as a truck driver, a machinist, a battery assembler, a hospital attendant, and an apologize packer. In enhancement to his wife and also Philly sporting activities teams, his passions encompass reading and conveying to nonreaders the pleasure and power the books. V Townsend Press, his educational publishing company, he has occurred the nonprofit “Townsend Library”—a collection of more than 100 brand-new and standard stories the appeal to readers of any age.

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Table that Contents

Why Brush Up her English? how English Brushup works An development to Grammar: The components of speech 1 Subjects and also Verbs 2 an ext about verbs 3 Subject-Verb agreement 4 Sentence types 5 fragments 6 Run-Ons and Comma Splices 7 pronouns 8 Comma 9 Apostrophe 10 Quotation clues 11 other Punctuation point out 12 capital Letters 13 Homonyms 14 Word selection 15 Misplaced and also Dangling modification 16 Parallelism 17 record Form 18 assignment 19 Pronoun types 20 Adjectives and also Adverbs 21 Numbers and also Abbreviations 22 usage 23 blended Constructions 24 more about Subjects and also Verbs 25 Even much more about verbs 26 much more about Subject-Verb commitment 27 more about Run-Ons and Comma Splices 28 an ext about the Comma 29 much more about the Apostrophe 30 an ext about Quotation clues 31 more about Punctuation point out 32 an ext about capital Letters 33 an ext about Homonyms 34 much more about Word choice combined Mastery exam editing Tests limited Answer key table of contents Correction symbols Inside front cover Spelling perform Inside ago cover