I experiment the animation myself, and Nergal’s animation does indeed freeze fe8. He did not port the result in. The impact is still completely functional because that Japan’s fe8, yet the effect was removed for the phibìc America release of the game.

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About 0x3D Command.This is, together you know, this is a Nergal effect. And also only the Japanese variation works perfectly.However, it no seem to job-related in the USA version. I had the same concern before.I have evidenced that Ereshkigal, Nergal Effect, Gespend and also Luce have actually been gotten rid of in the USA version.So, for the USA version, I setup to produce a dark druid that combines Ereshkigal’s animation and Nergal effects.By the way, 0x50 Command the Nergal critical does not work-related in Japanese version. Maybe the 0x3D command appears to be to run all the effects.

For the moment being, upload FE7 bramimond v Nergal effect removed below for USA version.

Sorry. I execute not have a computer at hand and also am editing computer animation with a smartphone. So, please tell me the attend to of the soundtrack for Fenrir’s sound effects(S0). Please.

Fenrir provides SO 130-133 in fe8. 130 is the Fenrir symbols, 131 is for Fenrir Rune, 132 is for Fenrir flame, and 133 is for Fenrir hit.

Not a problem. Say, ns wonder if it would be possible to violin these effects (Nergal Effect, Ereshkigal, Luce, etc.) native Japan Fe8 come a united state fe8 rom? If it was possible, there would be so many new spells for everyone else to play about with, which would be quite neat.

At present, i think the is almost impossible. However, ns am conducting experiment to fiddle the Nergal effect and also Ereshkigal native the Japanese version to the united state version if you have actually time. However this export is very facility and difficult. For this reason it will certainly take an ext time.

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That’s fine. I understand how truly complicated this process is. Please take your time. Over there is no have to rush, after ~ all. Ns wish you the ideal of happy in this endeavor.

Someone asked because that a much more old fashioned weapon, so ns modified my device gun animation by instead of the device gun with a bolt activity rifle because that the animation. And also this time, i made sure that the icon was that of a rifle. Feel free to use and also modify, however please mental to credit transaction me. Dropbox