Mantorok is one of the Ancients in Eternal Darkness. That is linked with chaos and also the shade purple.

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The magnificent Hierarchy

One that the mouths the Mantorok

In 26 BC things appeared to take it a rotate for the worst because that Mantorok. A roman inn centurion by the name of Pious Augustus was tricked right into accepting the significance of the among the three ancients imprisoned by Mantorok, coming to be their slave and also vessel. Pious entered Mantorok\"s holy place in Cambodia and collapsed the temple pillars onto the god, pinning and also trapping Mantorok in it\"s very own temple. The love of Mantorok was defended however and also while fatality would be ultimate without piercing the actual heart, Mantorok\"s death would quiet take hundreds of years. Pious collection to work searching for the essence of Mantorok. In 1150 A.D a dancing girl by the surname of Ellia found her method into the temple - perhaps drawn by Mantorok. She is provided as a ship to carry Mantorok\"s heart, instead of her very own with the of the god. As soon as she is recorded by Pious the centurion rotate demon searches she for the heart, not realizing that is actually inside the her. Irritable he strikes she down and continues his search, leaving Ellia to a fate between death and also life through the heart inside of her. As soon as Pious leaves the temple Mantorok casts a spell come the hide the holy place in effort to avoid Pious native finding that again.

The contemporary World

As time overcome by Pious realizes the the heart should reside in the human body of Ellia yet is enraged when he realizes that he deserve to no longer find the temple. In 1983, posing together an eccentric collector the rare artifacts Pious tip a guy by the surname of Edwin Lindsey, a well known archaeologist, into using the current technology to find the temple. Upon enntrance gate of the holy place Pious expose to lindsey his true form and leaves Lindsey to dice in the temple at the hand that one his agents. As soon as Lindsey overcomes this agent he is required to move deeper right into the temple and enters Mantorok\"s chamber at the exact same time together Pious. Together Pious do the efforts to kill Lindsey Mantorok uses the last of his significance to both protect him and also cause Pious to retreat. The is below that the courage of Mantorok\"s heart, Ellia is found. She offers the love to Lindsey, who makes sure that does not touch it v his ceiling hands and also is instructed to provide it come a man by the surname of Edward Roivas, otherwise known as the goalkeeper of the light.

The Summoning

The dig of Darkness

In the year 2000 A.D the planetary alignment is such that any spells actors will be enhanced ten fold. Pious, who has now put his plan of death Mantorok on hold, supplies this to boost his wonder abilities and also summons among the 3 ancients into our world. Together this is keep going a woman by the name of Alexandra, the newest descendant of the Roivas family, provides the the accumulated Essences the the 3 gods in ~ the one power and also the amplifying capability of the magical device within Enggha come summon soon a second ancient. After ~ a climatic battle between the two gods the one that Pious fan allegiance come his killed, and the one summoned through Alexander is binded earlier to the circle of power, trapping it once more, leave Mantorok as the just god the exists within person reality and also two god binded to the circle of power.

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Mantorok\"s finish Game

After the fatality of among the gods Mantorok\"s strength is no only restored but increased. That is with these powers the Mantorok does something very strange. The god provides its brand-new powers to rewind time earlier to the allude when Pious declared one that the three essences that the binded gods. This time however Mantorok himself urges Pious to case one the the essences that he did no last time. Occasions unfold choose last time and also that god is killed. Again Mantorok resets the timeline and this time encourages Pious to take it the essence that the did take the previous two times. Again the god is eventually killed hundreds of years later. That is right here that Mantorok\"s finish game is revealed. V the various other three gods all killed within the separate timelines the is the just remaining god permitting him with endless power to dominance over those he hates many - mankind.