Before I provide the answers, ns would prefer to describe the listed type or category of trees offered in the question.

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Evergreen plants are those plants the retains its pipeline throughout the year and also into the following year. Their leaves space usually thicker and also leatherier when contrasted to deciduous tree. Example of evergreen incorporate most conifers varieties (such together blue spruce, pine, cedar) and also mango.

Deciduous trees;

These are substantial flowering plants that are uncovered in numerous parts the the world. Castle are usually round shaped v branches spread out together they grow.

They incorporate oaks, maples and beeches. Words deciduous method to “fall off”.


This is a lumber from dicot trees. They are classified together Angiosperms i.e. Flower plants, i beg your pardon is the largest group of floor plants. Hardwoods typically have vast leaves, fastened nuts or seed.

Some notable examples of hardwoods include; balsa, beech, mahogany, oak etc.


They are division of vascular land plants containing a solitary extant class. They room gymnosperms, cone-bearing particle plants and are generally perennial woody plants with an additional growth. Popular instances include; cedar, pine, redwoods, spruces etc.

1.Evergreen room plants that keep their leaves in every seasons and also include tree such together Pine, Cedar and Mango.

2.Deciduous trees lose their leaves seasonally and also include tree such together Maple and Elm.

3.Hardwoods reproduce making use of flowers and have wide leaves such as Mango, Elm, Maple.

4.Conifers leaves are usually thin and needle-like, while seed are consisted of in cones. Conifers incorporate Pine and also Cedar.


1. Cedar, elm and pine

2. Mango and also maple

3. Elm, maple, and Mango

4. Cedar and also pine


1. Evergreen planst space those tree that has leaves throughout every the seasons and also example the evergreen trees room cedar, elm and also pine.

2. Deciduous trees are the tree that burned their leaves seasonally and also inlcude trees such together mango and maple.

3. Hardwood is related to the dicot trees having broad leaved temperate and also include trees such as elm, maple, and Mango.

4. Conifers room the vascular soil plant having thin and also needle favor leaves and also include cedar and also pine.

Hence, the exactly answer is:

1. Cedar, elm and pine

2. Mango and also maple

3. Elm, maple, and Mango

4. Cedar and pine

pine, cedar, and also mango,

mango, elm, and also maple,

pine and cedar,

maple and elm.


1) Evergreen are seedlings that keep their sheet in all periods and include pine, cedar, and mango trees.

Evergreen is a tree that remains all year round and is quiet green. Over there are many various types of juniper plants, consisting of shrubs and also trees. Evergreens have countless coniferous varieties (such as fir, hemlock, blue spruce, red cedar), and mango.

2) Hardwoods replicate through petals and additionally have large leaves, choose mango, elm, and also maple.

Hardwoods are developed by polymer scientific research in which flower replicate and have large leaves. A number of plants space nocturnal. Several of the pleasant climates shed their leaves each fall as rates drop and also inactive in winter, and also those the tropical locations will shed the sheet in reaction to temporary or intermittent shortage times.

3) Conifer leaves are stiff and syringe-like in particular, if seedlings are encompassed in cones. The conifers include cedar and also pine.

Gymnosperms room conifers. They room cone-bearing seedlings through plant tissues, fruiting trees space all live evergreens.

4) Seasonally, deciduous trees drop their leaves, which incorporate plants such together maple and also elm.

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Deciduous trees the spend component of annually dropping the leaves. We were also present in warm and subtropical climates everywhere the globe. Deciduous trees possess large, level plants that draw a direct sun laser light and also necessitate liters of fluids.