Angiosperms have actually a vascular system and can live is harsher environments which method they can reproduce a lot more often and also faster. 

The surname angiosperm is obtained from the Greek indigenous angeion, which means urn/vase, and sperma, definition seed and also gives us hints to the main attribute of this group. In the flower, the egg are protected within a structure called the ovary, i m sorry will construct in the fruit, carrier of the seeds.

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flowers are, therefore, the frameworks responsible because that the reproduction of angiosperms, being their exclusive characteristic. In moss and ferns, reproduction is ensured by very straightforward structures - the sporangia, responsible because that spore production. The sporangia are grouped in leaves (sporophylls) that can be an ext or much less modified concerning the leaf pattern of the plant. The imreparable cells spores are easily carried by the wind, can travel long distances and, when favorable, germinate, giving rise come a brand-new individual (gametophyte). In mosses, the gametophyte is composed of a spiral arrangement roughly the kaolin and also the sporophyte is composed of an elongated stem (arrow) and a capsule into which the spores space produced.

The most important step in the advancement of gymnosperms is that the embryo is defended by a plunder (integument) and, in addition to the nourishing tissue, kind what we contact a seed. The seed replaces spore as a unit of propagation in gymnosperms and also angiosperms, conferring great advantages to these groups.

Angiosperms have broken the limiting element of gift seedless and can spread their offspring more through the usage of seeds.

Angiosperm´s seed have actually outer protection and also an endosperm


Mosses reproduce v the usage of spores. The angiosperms reproduce by seeds, seeds offers numerous advantages, they have actually outer protection, a shell that protects the within from damage, desiccation and also adverse conditions. Seeds likewise have endosperm as nourishment for the embryo rather the spore doesn"t have any kind of built-in system to assist a brand-new mosses start the expansion process.

Angiosperms didn"t need to rely ~ above the wind or water to spread out their pollen around, they require a pollinator.

The correct answer would be - angiosperm create seed vice versa, mosses reproduce v spores.


Angiosperm produces seeds that help in providing nutrients and also protection through endosperm conversely, in mosses or various other gymnosperms reproduce through spores i m sorry lack any of this inbuilt structures that can help.

Seed aid to carry out outer defense as lock contain shells that protect the inner components from damage. Angiosperm walk not require any kind of assistance to spread out their pollen such together water or wind, they require a pollinator. Mosses count on mediums prefer water for their dispersal and also attracting the flowers.

Thus, the correct answer is - angiosperm produce seed conversely, mosses reproduce with spores.

Well apples have actually seeds and also mosses have actually spores. Spores are much more abundant but are less likely come reproduce because they have actually no nutrient or water shop or protection like seeds do. Seeds are an ext likely come germinate right into a plant due to the fact that they have everything they need within the seed casing.

Angiosperm is being referred to as seed-producing plants.They are being distinguished from various other gymnosperms by attributes which include1. Endosperm in ~ the seeds. 2. Production of fruits which contain seeds and likewise the flowers.Angiosperm they have actually an benefit from mosses in that, Angiosperm go not count on water for fertilization to take place but mosses they carry out rely on water because that the flowers to attract animals and duty as dispersal agent to entice animals.
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Mosses space plants v very limited "differentiated tissues". This means that they only have a few types the cells. Choose angiosperms consist the end of roots, leaves, stem. Etc. Which all hold different cell varieties that perform different functions, the moss tree itself doesn"t have any kind of of that. The features and also evolutionary advancement of castle present advantages over their other angiosperms due to the fact that they thrive in the same part of an ecosystem. Mosses don"t have actually roots castle can"t grow tall and win a battle for light v plants that do have actually roots.

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Well apples have actually seeds and mosses have actually spores. Spores are an ext abundant however are much less likely to reproduce since they have actually no nutrient or water shop or protection choose seeds do. Seed are an ext likely to germinate right into a plant due to the fact that they have whatever they require within the seed casing.