The DPS Fae sharper is straightforward class to build, yet hard to master. Mastery end DPS Fae requires fast movement come evade enemy attacks to sustain damage. The Fae trickster passive give high solitary target damages capability, useful in combating bosses, or one hitting even the strongest of field opponents with a solitary normal attack.100% Crit price is Critical. *see what i did there*

Notes: Jump and Max HP% are great options because that this. Activity speed can help in evading attack, however jump is an ext useful in continuing to be mobile native projectiles.

Alternatively Starlight Dragonling, together that will more than likely be simpler to gain at first. Chronomancer Qubesly shortens that ever before so vital Faerie Dance.

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Because of that extra damage bonus, you will want to use pots not to regain HP, yet to take advantage of your already high magic damages normal attacks. The Unyielding Emblem will stop you from losing your passive permitting almost 45 consistent uninterrupted seconds of 750% bonus magic damage while immortal.

If at all possible, prevent the Faerocious Faesimile course gem. It prevents the decoy from acquisition aggro, causing opponents to target you and your team more often. Stunburst will replace your class gem stun impact anyhow. - Magic Damage, critical Damage, and vital Chance. You will cap your an important Chance in ~ 100% eventually. In which situation replace through HP%.

Empowered Water Gem for any type of class.

killing enemies causes them come explode.

only one together Gem may be socketed in ~ a time.

\\n\\nThis gem has a cooldown.

Empowered Water Gem for any class.

Taking damage has a chance to generate a ring of stunning projectiles, briefly disabling affected enemies.

only one together Gem might be socketed in ~ a time.

This gem has actually a cooldown.

Empowered Water Gem for any class.

killing an adversary has a possibility to generate a flaming disc the damages surrounding enemies.

only one such Gem may be socketed in ~ a time.

This gem has a cooldown.

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