Are you advertise twenty or more hours in fallout 4 and just i found it a little indicator on her Pip-Boy that states you have something dubbed Molerat Disease? You’re no along, this pesky sickness has infected a large portion the the fallout 4 player population, but many aren’t certain what it is or how to cure it. The answers come the concerns are simple, yet many won’t favor them.

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First off, what is Molerat Disease? Well, if you have it then you more than likely remember Vault 81. This secret fortress featured a small mission called Hole in the Wall, which tasked you through finding a cure for a sick little boy who had actually been bitten through a molerat. Sound familiar? Yeah, apparently Bethesda wasn’t playing around with this thing.

If you obtained bit ~ above this mission, or also if her companion was bit, or you had actually blood splashed top top you, climate you to be infected. This method you’re stuck with the disease unless you have the right to cure it, i beg your pardon will provide you a irreversible -10 fight to her HP. An extremely late in the game this won’t be a huge deal, but you’ll never develop that perfect character there is no the cure.

So, exactly how do you cure Molerat an illness in fallout 4? in ~ the end of the mission friend were provided a an option to save the cure, break-up the cure, or give it every to Austin, the sick young from Vault 81. If you chose the latter then regrettably the cure is every gone (though there’s a tiny hop if you’re on pc so save reading). If you split or saved the cure then you can quickly cure yourself by using that item.

If you’re still in ~ this allude in the story over there is hope for you. A bug, which could be patched out later, deserve to be offered to gain all the an excellent of offering away the cure, while in reality keeping and also using it for yourself. Throughout the dialogue v the doctor, as soon as he asks if girlfriend will offer up the cure, just move approximately until you rest the conversation, enter your Pip-Boy, and use the cure. Once you look at the medical professional again you have to still be able to pick to alternative to provide away the cure.

If you’re play on computer then over there is only one various other option, though it feel a bit like a cheat, lot like the make use of above. Through going right into the command line by pushing ~ friend can add the cure ago to your inventory by making use of the command “player.additem 00055F10”. Carry out this and also you’ll have the healing again, use it and also you’ll be right as rain.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017

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