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When finding out Greek, you’ll desire to learn coherent vocabulary words, such together the words because that the members of her family. The Greek civilization are family members oriented, and also even in casual conversation, it might be appropriate to talk around the world in your household to the people that girlfriend meet. If your family members is traveling v you, you may likewise need this words to present them to the people you meet.

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Greek Vocabulary indigenous for family members Members

Husband – ο σύζηγος – o sizigosWife – η σύζυγος – ns sizigosDaughter – η κόρη – ns koriSon – ο γιος – o yiosSister – η αδερφη – i athelfiBrother – ο αδελφός – athelfosBaby – το μωρό – to moroMother – η μητέρα – i miteraFather – οπατέραςo paterasUncle – ο θείος – o theeosAunt – η θεία – theeaCousin – ο ξάδελφος – o ksadelfosGrandfather – ο παππούς – o pappoosGrandmother – η γιαγιά – i yayaGrandchildren – τα εγγόνια – ta egoniaStepfather – ο πατριός – o patriosStepmother – Η Μητριά – ns nutria Fiance – ο αρραβωνιαστικός – o aravoniastikosNiece – η ανιψιά – i anipsiaNephew – ο ανιψιός – o anipsios 

When conversing in Greek with human being you’ve never ever met before, you’ll be happy you recognize these words! Remember the while discovering Greek, girlfriend don’t must worry around getting things perfect. However, you might need to study a small bit. It might assist to learn these words relatively quickly if you usage flashcards. If you’ve currently been exposed come a lot of Greek, you’ll probably have actually no problem memorizing them. If friend don’t desire to study with flashcards, take into consideration reading through the list a couple of times.

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As soon as you gain an ext exposure come the Greek language, the easier things will certainly get.

The learn Greek section on was created by Greeks to aid people recognize the conversational basics of the Greek language. This write-up is no a substitute because that a experienced Greek learning program, however a helpful source for people wanting come learn simple communication in Greek.