Now get a far deeper, much more complete relax of stubborn stuck tissue, and revitalized function favor no various other therapy.

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In my 20+ years together a soft-tissue therapist, I’ve never ever seen a treatment method or tool that canresolve your soft-tissue injuries and pain asquickly or as long-lasting as FasciaBlaster therapy.

In easiest terms, the “claws” top top this tool penetrate the class of her skin and also separate the fascia “webbing” of your soft tissue.

As soft tissue gets hurt or becomes chronically tight, the knots up and also forms scar tissue.The FasciaBlaster tool is the most effective method I’ve ever seen come literally “comb out” the tangles in her soft tissue, comparable to the means you’d comb out knots in your hair!

On any type of tight area once the Fascia Blaster is used with the proper pressure and also swift ago and soon motion, you’ll quickly feel it penetrating and also breaking up layers that tangled scarred tissue that can’t be got to through massage alone.

The release results are even better when merged with the various other therapies I specialize in: Infrared warmth therapy, energetic Release Techniques, deep-tissue massage, and traction stretching — applied in that certain order.

I’m continually amazed in ~ the “untangling” and also releasing of even the worst, chronic, hard-to-break-up soft-tissue problems thatFasciaBlasting is able to achieve.

If you’ve tried everything, and also still have actually pain and soft-tissue problems, you fan it to yourself to come in and also experience the unique procedure I’ve developed and exclusively market in main Oregon:

Infrared warm to warm and also prep your soft tissueFollowed by energetic Release TechniquesFollowed by deep-tissue massageFollowed through traction extending — in that exact order!

When these different therapies are used in this details order, you acquire a much deeper, much more complete relax of stubborn stuck tissue, and restored function prefer no various other therapy.The outcomes are truly superior and unprecedented to any type of other soft-tissue method or tool.

When it concerns healing her soft-tissue troubles in Bend, Oregon, ns am the only deep-tissue massage therapist trained in energetic Release Techniques and also FasciaBlasting.In each session, I have the right to combine every one of these approaches so you experience the deepestrelease the soft-tissue problems and also pain you’ve ever felt.

I guaranteemy 4-Step treatment will:

Greatly alleviate or remove muscle spasms, knots, andpainMake your soft tissues duty betterImprove the health and elasticity of her joints, tendons, and also musclesImprove blood flowSpeed up restore time (from injury, workouts, etc.)Break up cellulite caught in fascia webbing and also flush fat from the body

Used By agree Athletes and Hollywood Celebrities

Even through itself, the FasciaBlaster is so efficient in releasing and also restoring soft tissue to health and also proper functioning, thatTom Brady and also Derek Jeter get continuous FasciaBlaster therapy for faster muscle recovery andenhanced performance.

Actor Leonardo DeCaprio and Victoria an enig runway models use it to minimize brow lines, eliminate cellulite, and also flush the skin therefore it has a healthy and balanced glow.

What is fascia? just how does FasciaBlastingnormalize her tissue, for this reason you can be pain-free?

You can’t see your fascia, however everyone has actually it. Fascia is choose a big weblike net the holds your body together, sort of prefer the casing about a sausage.

You havelayers and also layers the fascia the surrounds and holds with each other your entire network that muscles, tendons, joints, and organs.

Fascia isstickylike cotton candy, and so when you use it, guess: v what happens? The individual sticky fibers adhere to every other and also over time can end up being quite tangled, especially when you overuse tissue and also get little tears the then gain covered in scar tissue.

The an ext that this tangled and also scarred tissue binds together, the bigger and also more complex the knot. And also unless all this chaos it s okay unraveled, your soft tissue won’t won’t have the ability to move freely without restriction and also pain.

Enter the Fascia Blaster… The an initial way to “comb out,” rest apart and also separate tangled and also scarred tissue and knots. Ahhh what a relief!

Watch this Today display episode v FasciaBlaster creator Ashley Black describe how utilizing the FasciaBlaster’s “claws” to separate stuck, tangled fascia and muscles comparable to the way you’d comb the end tangled hair.

“Imagine her hair is messy and matted, and you’re just trying to smooth the over v your palms. Currently imagine you have actually a hairbrush that in reality combs out the knots. Which will certainly leave your hair smooth and knot-free?”

FasciaBlasting treatment for soft tissue is most reliable when muscles space able to completely relax, proper heat and also lubricant is applied, and also the rightpressure and also correct stroke motion is regular for 1-5 minutes when using the tool.Finding a trained FasciaBlasting massage therapist is ideal.

How did her tissues acquire injured in the first place?

We’ve every felt pain and also stiffness coming from what feels like a ‘lump’ in your muscle. This lumps space actually knots led to by entangled muscle yarn that obtain bunched increase together and also aren’t able to relax. Add in tangling of the fascia the covers muscles, and also the result is painful, stiff muscles the no longer move freely.

But what resulted in the node to kind in the very first place?Preceding the actual knot is one adhesion where your tissue has actually stuck together, i beg your pardon can likewise includescar tissue the gets layered in overmicro-tears in her tissue. Your body sees these tears as injuries and layers fibrous, scar-tissue end the tear as its means of “repairing” the tissue.

Small tears take place all the time once you exert her muscles and other soft tissues play sports, functioning out, lifting heavy objects, and also even just working around the house — for this reason imagine just just how much scar tissue you have gathered on your soft tissue! with rest and a great rub-out, this tissues will typically repair themselves… but how numerous of us actually carry out that?

Over time and without treatment, more and an ext scar organization builds increase andbinds soft-tissuefibers together,adding to the severity of knots and other problems. Along with continuedstiffness and also pain, there’s much less oxygen and blood the flows throughthe affected area, which all tissues must stay healthy and also flexible.

How space FasciaBlasting therapy treatments various than using a FasciaBlaster in ~ home?

If girlfriend bought a FasciaBlaster because that at-home use, you’ll quickly learn it deserve to be aer to usage on your very own body, and that it’s virtually difficult to get the same releasingeffects you obtain inFasciaBlaster treatment treatments, particularly when an unified with other therapies.

Hard-to-reach problem areas go untreated

Some that the soft organization that needs aid is in hard-to-reach areas you simply can’t obtain to through the FasciaBlaster. Or you deserve to reach them however it’s difficult to keep the constant pressure and the correct stroke motions for the several minutes, every one of which are forced to it is in effective.

As a massage therapist, I deserve to actually feeling your organization quality and also problem areas through the FasciaBlaster tool, similar to when I usage my hands. Ns can likewise feel stuck and knotted tissuebreaking up, so ns know just how long to work an area for real progress to it is in made in smoothing the end your soft tissue.

Combined soft-tissue therapy gives you far much better results

After FasciaBlasting an area, I have the right to use active Release Techniques and also deep-tissue massage, and light extending (in the order) to get the tissue far an ext effective than making use of the FasciaBlaster alone.

Infrared warmth therapy

Your muscles need to be properly warmed up and lubricated because that FasciaBlasting to it is in effective. In our session together, you’ll put on a full-body infrared mat, i beg your pardon is far more therapeutic and natural coconut oil before

The trick is… making use of the FasciaBlaster v the ideal temperature, pressure, stroke movements, and extr therapies after making use of this tool to make it much an ext effective.

I’ve to be a therapeutic massage therapist for over 20 years… so I understand a thing or two about anatomy, and also how to ideal work with connective organization to gain the ideal results.

In addition, the FasciaBlaster is prefer an extension of my hands. I can actually feel your organization andbiggest problem locations under the surface through this tool.

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Therefore, the outcomes I can acquire using theFasciaBlaster space a small different than you can obtain on her own… especially since I’m able come doActive release Techniques,massage, and stretching immediately after FasciaBlasting any kind of area that is specifically tight.