I was going to short article some info around the patch on this sublondonchinatown.org when a brand-new update come out, since the existing version has some difficulties (likely to it is in fixed very soon new version currently out). I guess I'll write-up it as a comment below instead:

Some great folks over at Beast's Lair have been functioning for part time top top inserting the winter Moon translate in of Fate/stay night right into the more recent 3-part can be downloaded edition published in 2011-2012. The spot is currently considered finish (though some bugfixing may still be going on) and also it go much much more than just insert the old translation: it's probably the best method there'll ever before be to review F/sn. The attributes of this new, patched relax include:

full voice acting;

original mirror Moon translation ported right into the newer version that the video game (with part corrections);

so dubbed "H-alt" scenes - they change the initial F/sn pornographic scenes together with associated dialogues;

new Réalta Nua-exclusive scenes translated for the an initial time;

retranslated and retimed added "Last Episode" ending;

restored unused voices;

unused CGs added to the gallery;

all new Fate/hollow ataraxia-style intuitive effects;

(optional as part of the H-patch) initial pornographic scenes added back in (switchable on and off via one in-game config in addition to associated dialogues) and H-scene decensoring (also togglable);

(optional as part of the H-patch) retouched H-scenes through compatible effects, music, and also voices native the H-alts included into them;

(optional as component of the H-patch) original, an ext shocking and violent CGs;

(optional as component of the Vita OP patch) HD versions of PSVita openings (animated by Ufotable) and PS2 openings added into the miscellaneous playthroughs (with original openings obtainable in the Movie gallery) - 8 different openings altogether;

(optional as part of the Vita OST patch) remixed F/sn monitor from the PSVita version, personal togglable via one in-game config.

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Two execution of the patch have been released. One is a much more curated experience, a fusion of the original F/sn and the Réalta Nua edition, while the other is a pure translation of the pc Réalta Nua edition. Numerous of the over features room only obtainable in the previous version.

Here is the feature-complete variation of the patch (warning: spoiler abound later on in the thread). The announcement video for the patch deserve to be uncovered here (warning: spoilers). Below is the "pure translation" variation of the patch. That version should be an ideal for periods ~15+ (the other have the right to be together well, but only in particular configurations - this one is much more of a no-brainer).

Some associated notes: the 2012 computer downloadable execution of F/sn allows you come play the routes in any order (as they room 3 separate applications), yet the strongly recommended course order is: Fate -> limitless Blade functions -> Heaven's Feel. The patch enables playing there is no Japanese locale enabled, but only if the route to the game exe and also the exe chin contain no special personalities (usual suspects incorporate the cut after "Fate", the unique "e" in "Réalta" and also the hyphen-like indicators that surround path titles). I'm not affiliated v the awesome human being who developed the patches. If you're suffering technical problems with the job either article in the Beast's Lair job thread or afternoon me (I might have the ability to help).

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There is additionally a new support thread devoted to the vanilla translation-only variation - reports of typos and also such should more than likely go there. May this lull the wait because that the Fate/hollow ataraxia translation release (and the wait because that the brand-new anime, too)!