Oh boy, carry out I psychic my very first time smoking weed! an ext than the high ns felt at that time, ns remember the whole atmosphere around the ritual. It goes without saying that my stoner purposes were way different indigenous what I intend from the herb as an experienced user. After ~ all, i took my first hit once I was a raging and rebellious adolescent to whom sky was the limit regardless the what i was doing.

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Ready for true laughter? The pleasure’s every mine…

Six People, fifty percent a Gram


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While this may sound ridiculous, we actually had actually a fifty percent a gram the weed come divide in between six people. There to be no wizard among us, however we meant miracles and also hoped to obtain super high from cigarette smoking out that a glass pipe. No adolescence naive through nature?

Anyway, ours “greenauguration” took place when we were all 16 or so, which means we were to experience the effect with a much better level of intensity than most adults. Then again, a fifty percent a gram for six people? that sounds prefer an epos challenge.

You should know that at the time, gaining your stash native a dealer was much an ext time-consuming 보다 it is now. Fortunately, once we discovered our guy and got our epos amount of weed, we made decision that in stimulate to acquire as much discretion together possible, we’d smoke the pipe in ~ the back of a surrounding school. Sounds legit, doesn’t it?

And for this reason the sacred circle to be shaped. Six males in their teens, trying to get high off of a fifty percent a gram of weed.

Unexpected Guests

As quickly as among the men took the last hit, us heard that someone to be coming native the distance. Assumption: v what? us were spotted by the municipal police. Ns don’t recognize if they regulated to odor the herb from that far, however if they did, God bless your sharp senses.

Luckily, prior to they approached us, us had currently been running away. Many of us had actually to jump end the fence to prevent the results of make the efforts the weed experience. So us were running deadly fast and succeeded in gaining away native the cops.

Now you most likely want come know how it feel to be high for the an initial time.

I don’t Know, ns Wasn’t Stoned at All

Truth to it is in said, i felt practically nothing. Except the noodle mouth, ns wasn’t high and also didn’t feeling anything concerned being stoned. Ns remember grabbing a sweet roll and a bottle of coke native a supermarket. However then I returned home totally unsatisfied and indifferent towards the allegedly psychosis THC.

No red eyes, no munchies… Nevertheless, i didn’t offer up ~ above weed, i beg your pardon is most likely why i’m still for this reason enthusiastic around the cannabis tree now. Although my first time smoking cigarettes weed to be a complete failure, I decided to offer it a shot when again. From climate on, ns think the everyone deserves a second chance.

The first Time I gained High


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Now, the was the funny part. This second time I improved at math; me and also my friend determined to take one gram for two people, which to be a an excellent indicator that we’d acquire high AF. This time hiding out somewhere through the stash was no necessary. My parents had left for a holidays to your summer house and also the level was every mine.

Like a boss, in ~ my very own micro-mansion, i was about to gain high with my buddy.

There were times once I had no idea just how to roll a joint, so us selected one evergreen glass pipe again. Ns don’t psychic how many hits us took however the white fog surrounding my room to be so thick the you can draw images on it.

My Love affair Ignites

Now, that was when I dropped in love v weed. The quantity of laughter we got, the unquenchable munchies that struck us best after the critical hit – every little thing was perfect, consisting of the lazy-legs syndrome, thoughtful reflections ~ above the world, and also the reality that us couldn’t avoid laughing at the stupidest points in the room was simply awesome.

A couple of minutes after we ended our first serious smoker session, my older brother came in. Friend know, it’s not that simple to communicate with her sibling when you’re super-stoned for the first time. Yet, I managed to execute it. The fun part about the encounter was the my friend assumed my brother was yelling in ~ me that ns did something wrong.

So that ran out of the room and yelled, “DUDE, PLEASE, he DID nothing WRONG, LET that GO!”

I think ns don’t have to describe the look on mine brother’s confront when he found my stoned girlfriend trying to guide two laughing brothers to protect against fighting. At the time, I assumed that my brother didn’t an alert anything strange in our house since he was acting prefer nothing happened. Only later on on, ns learned the he smelled weed and also was totally aware of what to be going on; luckily, he’s an open-minded guy and didn’t call my parental anything around our high times.

What did My very first Time smoking cigarettes Weed provide Me?

As an experienced and responsible stoner, i have totally different expectations in the direction of weed. Three soothes mine soul, enhances the quality of mine health, and, above all, never ever stops to surprised me in terms of its therapeutic properties. Now, ns am conveniently able come tell distinction between good weed vs negative weed.

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When ns was a kid, the goal to be to get as stoned together possible, laugh a lot, quench mine munchies, and do whatever was funny to do once being high. Nonetheless, the first couple of hits planted the particle of love for marijuana, and so mine story continues. An ext interestingly, I started to exhilaration weed as soon as I was around 16, so according to renowned misbelief, I should be struggling with cognitive impairments through now. ~ above the contrary, i live a happy life and my cognitive functions are in a an extremely decent shape.