For the is in passing the we accomplish immortality. V this, we come to be a example of virtue and also glory come rise above all. Boundless in distance and also unbound by death, I release your soul, and by mine shoulder, safeguard thee So translate this ???

My interpretation:

For that is in passing that we achieve immortality

Our action in death live on

Through this, we become a example of virtue and also glory to rise over all.

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Same as before. In death we end up being idols come those that come after ~ us

Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and also by my shoulder, defend thee

Same again.

Basically: Aura let's friend do an excellent things, those an excellent things will certainly be remembered, those memories enable you to live on with the affect you have on others.

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Basically it's stating what aura does and also how that protects you

Also i love how it just assumes the everyone will do great things etc etc.

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This might get passed over due to the fact that the post is a couple of hours old yet I've been meaning to ask:

Have they ever made an official statement on what that little bit of dialogue was? to be it a timeless 'Aura awakening' awareness passage, or something follow me those lines? does that median every character had a similar moment, albeit as soon as they to be a good chunk younger, depending what age kids enter combat schools?

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