Offer: 18 mos boys summer garments (Warrenville, herrick rd) 44m - most are summer rompers, 1 bathing suit Offer: Glass Bottles with Stands (Westmont) 4h - They"re heavy and also held oil or bath salts. Refill them or handmade on them. So countless possibilities!

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Offer: Halloween pet jersey (Woodridge) Promised 1d - tool sized dog pet jersey. An excellent condition. Please respond v date and time you will pick-up.

Offer: small black purse (Woodridge) Promised 1d - great condition, shimmery. You re welcome respond through date and time you will pick-up.
Offer: Kids" east Illinois sweatshirts (Pierce Downer, Downers Grove) 1d - Calling all Panthers! three vintage kids" eastern Illinois university sweatshirts. Royal blue sweatshirt is 4T; the E in EIU is a little cracked/faded. Navy and plaid sweatshirts room kids" dimension 5/6. Simple porch pickup near Prince Pond Park in Downers Grove.
Offer: 15 Square Feet the Vinyl Tiles (Hobson & Greene Rds) 1d - watch photos -- 15 Tiles, each 12" square, 8 of the rectangle-shaped "brick" pattern, 7 the the hexagon pattern. Easy front of garage pickup!
Offer: HP PHOTOSMART 7850 press (Near Bolingbrook High School) 1d - This is a photo printer, the takes the special glossy picture file not constant paper. Fixed used, it most likely needs certain ink
Request: phone call pole glass insulators (Near I-55 and Route 30) 2d - been collecting these because that awhile , if you have any kind of of these just laying around and have no plans because that them i certain would prefer to have actually them i simply ask that they it is in in fairly an excellent shape and also not all broke up or greatly chipped, additionally anything that would certainly of been provided to mount this to the phone call pole would be pretty to have as well... Any kind of style clean or fancy glass would be an excellent only have actually a pair now but many of the same layout if feasible in her reply can you phone call me what you have your finest guess would be ok,and it certain would be nice to boost my arsenal the stranger they look the much better ...... Can pick up everywhere in the area anytime the works best for friend i"m retirement so i deserve to work with the time that works best for you........... Thanks in advance to anyone the responds come this and also have a good day .............. Request: Hp octopus cartridge # 56 , 61 (Near I-55 and Route 30) 2d - In require of HP 56 and also 61 black ink cartridges can pick increase anytime the works finest for you , please only cartridges that room still in sealed foil packets no opened ones, have the right to be well previous the freshness date... Request: shot glass display case (Near I-55 and Route 30) 2d - A wall vast display case that will hold 50 or so shot glasses deserve to hold as much as a 100 ... Request: young Scouts collecting small toys (Downers Grove - north) 2d - last year there to be a boy Scout group collecting tiny toys come send in care packages. Looking for contact person Offer: tiny Girl shoes (Westmont) Promised 3d - size 7 The black color one demands to it is in glued indigenous the shoes reminder
Request: large cheese balls container (Naperville) 3d - Anyone have actually one of these ? If you about to recycle one of those large cheese round containers, I"m in need of one, thanks.
Offer: hp officejet 4500 scanner-printer (downers grove N the 55th st.) Promised 3d - black, wireless scanner-fax-printer. Every cables. About 10 years old. Quiet scans and also faxes (as much as we understand - haven"t offered for the in awhile. We used greatly for copying, yet now it will only copy 1/2 web page - ns think the rollers/feeder is somehow off, but don"t have the time/know-how come fix. Handy-person special. Basic front porch pick-up. Call to make certain still obtainable - 630 6 two four, 0336 Offer: Tarpaper role (Westmont near Cass & Ogden) 3d - 3 feet broad and about 7-1/2 feet long.
Offer: Kids" EIU sweatshirts (Pierce Downer, Downers Grove) 4d - Calling every Panthers! three vintage kids" east Illinois university sweatshirts. Royal blue sweatshirt is 4T; the E in EIU is a little cracked/faded. Navy and plaid sweatshirts are kids" size 5/6. Easy porch pickup close to Prince Pond Park in Downers Grove.
Offer: printer ink (Westmont) 4d - printer ink straightforward contactless porch pick up close to 63rd and also Fairview ave
Offer: Fairy Wings, rubber bracelets (Westmont) 4d - 3 fairy wings. The large blue and also pink one have some holes. Easy contactless porch pick up near 63rd St and Fairview ave
Offer: girl play pair of shoes (Westmont) 4d - girl shoes in fair condition can be supplied as play shoes they requirements cleaning. From left to appropriate size 12.5,13.5,1 and also 2 The white sandal requirements to be glued as the glue come off Porch choose up by 63rd St and also Fairview ave
Offer: product scrapes (Near Hobson and Woodridge Dr.) 4d - I have actually 2 huge garbage bags full of odds and ends the material. Great for scrap quilts and ?. Front porch pickup indigenous non-smoking house in Woodridge. Can email me at boodays Offer: little live pet toy bird cage (South next of Downers Grove) 5d - little live pets toy bird cage, birds no included.
Offer: Kid task books (South next of Downers Grove) 5d - Some supplied pages, still lots of life left.
Offer: Antique, head and also foot board (North DG) 6d - This is one antique, queen dimension head and also foot board, no in perfect condition yet still a nice piece. It has actually some scratches on the footboard and a tiny chip native the headboard. They need to be attached come a frame. Priority offered to earliest pick up. Can be left on porch if provided a particular time frame. Thanks.
Offer: cotton bath robe (55th & Main) 6d - Tan/beige 100% really soft cotton terry bath robe. Made in Portugal. 3/4 length sleeves, belted, v 2 pockets. In an excellent condition. Non smoking home. Most likely a man"s robe, but easily unisex. Perhaps a dimension S/M
Offer: Senna leaf capsules (Woodridge, janes & 75th) 6d - 3 100 counting Swanson brand senna sheet capsules. Offer: equine Competition Ribbons (Near Bolingbrook High School) 6d - I have actually various size equine champion ribbons from years ago, obtaining rid of mine excess. Would be cute decorating a girls room or anyone who loves horses, or for any kind of project.

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Request: size 10/12 boys clothes (1360 s 4th st aurora,IL 60505) 6d - in search of size 10/12 guys clothes. Any and all. Ns in require for mine stepson. Say thanks to you