Edible Frog Life cycle Snack

Are you learning around animal life cycles? I have the perfect idea because that your following lesson on the life bicycle of a frog! This is an EDIBLE frog life cycle snack! My kids and I had actually a lot of fun figuring this cute frog snack out.

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This small frog life cycle snack is all healthy, therefore no worries about sugar, allergies, or dietary troubles here.

I know there is a step in the life bicycle missing, I sort of linked the tadpole through legs and also the froglet into one, however it works ok, right?

Frog Life Cycle

There room 5 stages in the life cycle of a frog.

It starts through egg masses. Frogs lay your eggs in the water, most often. They place a huge amount in ~ once, occasionally hundreds!

The following stage is the tadpole stage. A tadpole hatches within a few days! ~ a couple of weeks, they begin to change.

A tadpole an initial grows hind legs. After that the front legs begin growing and the tail beginning shrinking.

Next it is dubbed a froglet, which is virtually a complete grown frog, yet still has a small tail, i m sorry will eventually disappear.

When the tail is gone it is a full-grown frog.

Along with the external changes, many transforms are happening inside the frog’s body as well. The metamorphosis of pets is incredible, and so funny to teach to kids!

Supplies To do the Edible Frog Life bike Snack:

Plain gelatin

Juice (we supplied lemon)

Honey or other organic sweetener

Green Grapes

Small Spinach Leaves

Green Apple


Shredded Carrots (or chow mein noodles would work)


Semi-Sphere Mold

This an initial step because that this edible frog life cycle snack is the little edible frog eggs. Ns made a pack of level gelatin and also followed the parcel directions using lemon juice and water (mostly water, v a couple of tablespoons that lemon juice added in) plus honey as the sweetener. I just did this come taste.

To make it round, ns poured it into the small sphere molds. After around an hour the chilling, I added in the raisins. Wait an hour avoids them from simply sinking every the way to the bottom. Let lock chill a few more hours until solid.

You desire to be mindful removing them native the molds, due to the fact that they break easily. I uncovered that the worked ideal to run around the edge v a knife first.


Next, ns made the tadpoles. Because that this ns used environment-friendly grapes and little baby spinach leaves. I just poked the stem of the spinach into the end of the grape to make the long tail. If it does not go in easily, usage a toothpick to make the feet bigger.


In the lifecycle there room tadpole with hind legs and also froglets. Quite than make both, mine are type of merged into one. I just added some small pieces that shredded carrots in for the legs. I poked the holes because that the legs v toothpicks very first to make it easier to put the carrot pieces in.


Then because that the big adult frog, I supplied a slice of a green apple, environment-friendly grapes, raisins and toothpicks. You’ll desire to do the kids mindful of the toothpicks when they space eating them! I damaged the toothpicks in fifty percent to fit lock in better.


This is such a funny frog snack if you are teaching a frog template for preschoolers or other younger kids. Castle would also love making the themselves, come let castle be connected in the procedure as lot as possible!


What i love around this edible frog life cycle is the it really is simple to make! Besides the gelatin setting up, that is quite quick to put together! The gelatin is the only thing you will certainly really need to setup in advancement if using this in a lesson. The ingredients are inexpensive and also easy come access, making it a perfect frog snack for any type of frog life bicycle lessons!

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This is component of the Weekly Virtual publication Club because that Kids. The theme this mainly is ponds.

This week’s book is In the Small, tiny Pond by Denise Fleming.

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Another an excellent one come go in addition to the frog life cycle activity is From Frog to Tadpole by Wendy Pfeffer.