I learned that there's much more to a molly experience than just rolling face.

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When ns took MDMA—commonly recognized as Molly or Ecstasy—for the very first time, i was expecting feel of indisputable euphoria. Sure, ns didn’t do lot research aside from listening to mine boyfriend"s stories. However I figured that, through the drug’s call of causing an extreme physical experience, or "rolling face," there wasn’t much else come consider.

However, I’ve discovered that taking a psychedelic drug favor MDMA can an outcome in a much different experience depending on the person and also the environment. Heightened feelings carry out not constantly mean euphoria, and also the trip is an ext tailored come the human rather than the general consensus.

Chemically, MDMA influence a person’s serotonin, dopamine, and also norepinephrine neurotransmitters. Due to the fact that the task of this chemicals, particularly serotonin, is gift increased, human being feel a heightened mood–a state of euphoria. The surge of serotonin also leads come an intensified sense the touch, love, and trust–reasons why everything and everyone feel so an excellent on MDMA.

Because the the lifted mood, world typically become much more talkative and more touchy–feely. However, I proceed to repeat the indigenous ‘typically’ and ‘usually’ because—although that may be the basic reaction—my experiences weren’t specifically textbook, therefore yours could not be either.

Initially, in both of mine trips, ns was hit v an overwhelming quantity of anxiety. Anxiety, in regards to MDMA, is considered an ext of a long–term side effect due to the fact that the extra serotonin developed while ~ above the drug results in a diminished supply later.

However, I uncovered it straightforward to wave in and out that an worried mindset. In the beginning, i wondered if i took as well much. Why is this hitting me therefore hard? Why do I have actually the urge to cry? Why am i sweating? Why is my friend reacting that way? will certainly her body stop shaking? are they waiting for me to it is in happy? come be much more chill?

Although i took the medicine in fairly safe and also calm environments, my wavering clarity and also my emotional intensity led me to oscillate in between different feelings: anxiety, love, fear, joy, and sadness.

These promptly evolving feelings offered me no urge to talk–I felt much better listening, thinking, breathing. Ns reveled in the feeling of skin–on–skin and the activity of my joints. Ns let every of mine feelings consume me individually prior to moving on come the next, permitting myself come melt into the place where i sat.

The following time i took MDMA, ns was better prepared. I made certain that I immediately began quiet exercises as soon as I felt the panic set in. I taken on all the the various other sensations that bombarded me, rather of trying come fight them.

Both times, though, I never ever really feel euphoria, and even my friend kept asking me as soon as she would certainly feel happy. MDMA trips normally take ar in a party setting–alcohol, music, and also lots that people. Pure delight seems unavoidable. Through so much noise and also action, how might you feel anything else?

But as soon as it’s just you and a few other human being chilling at home, there’s more time come pause, to unravel thoughts, to bring conversations, come switch in between crying and laughing, to feeling every conceivable emotion.

I wouldn’t explain my MDMA highs together disappointing. Sure, ns didn’t necessarily obtain from them what I at first wanted, however the intensity of the experience—both emotionally and physically—is incomparable.

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No matter how much research you do (or how much friend don’t), it’s impossible to fully prepare for a MDMA trip. The only way to recognize what to expect is come actually shot it, as lengthy as you’re open to any kind of direction–euphoric or not—that your experience might take.


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