I was thinking around checking them the end soon, but can't really find anything out about them. Their website seems to it is in really the end of date and the most recent reviews are from a pair of year ago.

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Are they still operating? something I have to know before I go?


I go every month/month and a half. It's out in the country yet not too tough to gain to - use the direction on their website (not google maps).

The employees space really friendly and also their an option is top-notch. I favor to acquire my spices/seasoning there. It's mostly fun come wander around and look at "Inner Eye Lung cough Relief" tinctures.

The owner is a tiny batshit but he's hardly ever before in there. They favor cash, not card, and also give a discount.

I walk there often for their various strains that kratom, and also their great teas. They have a selection of both of those (along with thorough knowledge the the items castle carry), tinctures, ear candles, soaps, jewelry, incense, part pipes, books, herbal remedies, and they likewise have a few green houses.

Definitely swing by there and check the out. I think they are just opened from something like 10am - 6pm typically.

Can girlfriend recommend part kratom for me? critical time ns was there ns bought a variety pack of a couple strains in very little quantity, wasn't yes, really able to understand what to be going on.

They are still open. A an extremely excellent place, staffed by few of the most patient world in Austin. Most of the staff resides on the building which is run an extremely communally (if you space nice they will invite friend to their parties). Native the street that looks favor a house, has actually a gravel/dirt driveway with deep ruts, and usually some mud.

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The 'store' chin is come the prompt left that the 'parking lot,' with a gravel path and also overhanging plants. If who isn't inside (which happens often) find someone wandering around outside and also ask because that assistance. Most of the funny stuff is in a staff-only back room, so make certain to ask for help if friend are looking for something not out top top display.

Interesting place. Only been there once, yet I remember a lady dressed prefer a witch, and also it was a tiny hard come find. They sell herbs, incense, house remedies etc. Check it out

Excellent tree selection, however you're ~ above your very own for the most part. Don't mean service. If you know what you're feather for, this is a great place to find unusual plants!