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Some that the biggest gardens have names, why must yours be any type of different! When choosing a name for her garden, friend will desire something that has actually a lot of of definition for you. Something that inspires you. What better place to draw your impetus than from the Bible. Here are some ideas for biblical garden names to obtain you started.


Garden names in the Bible

Depending on which variation of the holy bible you read, who did the translation and the interpretation, there room a few gardens mentioned. They are:

The Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:26 – 1:31)Solomon’s Garden (Ecclesiastes 2:5)The monarchs Garden (also Solomon’s Garden)The Garden the Gethsemane (John 18:1-2)The Garden tomb (John 19:41)

If you are looking for a name for her garden the is simply motivated by the bible, right here are some great options!

Top 10 Biblical Garden surname Ideas

6th day GardenAngel GardenGarden that BethanyGrace GardensStill Water GardensGardening Under GodTrinity GardenGalilee GardenGarden the the ArkGarden the Life

Other ideas for Garden Names motivated by the Bible

When girlfriend are illustration inspiration for her garden name, think of the people and also places in the holy bible that play duties you find important. Is over there a certain event or verse that you are really attracted to? uncover a means to combine it!

Here are a perform of words and also ideas you might consider.

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Bread the LifeDivineGopherwood (the lumber Noah offered for the Ark)BethanyAraratAngelRise AgainHeart that HeavenGreen PasturesGraceKidron ValleyLittle LightNarrow PathBorn AgainChristianHeavenGalileeEverlasting LifeHoly GroundPray / PrayerIn The BeginningThe an excellent BookUnder GodThis small LightPreach / Preacher

How to Name her Garden

Most gardens are going come either begin with words “Garden” choose “Garden that Eden” or finish with “Garden” like “The kings Garden”.

It is totally up come you if you desire to adhere come this “standard” or not. You might name your garden anything friend like. That can even have a one native name choose the Keukenhof in south Holland!