“Tales from the Kingdom the Fife” is the debut album indigenous the Scotland-based power steel band Gloryhammer, exit in 2013. Developed by Christopher Bowes the Alestorm fame, Gloryhammer’s debut album marries the music tropes that consist of power steel with one over-the-top presentation the amps up every one of the aesthetic elements popular to the sub-genre to 11. Their debut album is a masterfully-written repertoire of symphonic power steel songs that manages to both playfully expose the sillier facets of the genre and be a exorbitant love-letter come it.One the the distinctive things around Gloryhammer is that all (3 in ~ this moment) of their albums come with each other to kind one single fantasy/sci-fi story. This first album is a bog-standard fantasy story, complying with the exploits of Prince Angus McFife that Dundee (portrayed in their live shows by singer thomas Winkler) as he quests to avoid the evil wizard Zargothrax (portrayed by Bowes) from acquisition over the soil of Dundee. This story does no shy far from the absurd or silly, yet the ton struck is a relatively straight one, v just sufficient tongue in the cheek to remind the listener, that yes, the band is mindful this is ridiculous. This is demonstrated instantly with the opening track (discounting the minute-and-a-half intro song), “The Unicorn invasion of Dundee”, depicting Zargothrax’s invasion of Dundee v an army of zombie unicorns. Amusingly, the text sometimes encompass questionable grammatical choices, such as the line “and bring away prison through cry” from stated opening song. Presumably, castle a referral to the questionable grammar in the lyrics of early on German power steel bands that popularized the genre. Musically, the album walk a wonderful job of mix the different realms of power steel in a way couple of bands do. Songs prefer “The Unicorn invasion of Dundee” and also “Amulet that Justice” space uptempo, aggressive tunes reminiscent that the earlier, faster material that bands choose Blind Guardian and also Helloween, when songs choose “Angus McFife” and “Hail come Crail” are an ext mid-tempo functions that evoke bands prefer Hammerfall. If the lyrics and presentation are very silly, the band renders the critical decision come play the music entirely straight. Remove the vocals and also you’ll hear fairly straightforward strength metal, though an extremely well written. This gives the important anchor in the familiar the listener requirements to it is in able to enable the vocals to take it them come the absurd areas they’re going.All the this is done through a very well-done weaving of symphonic facets into the songs. Through most of the songs, string and horn sections room playing together with the band, i beg your pardon is nothing new for strength metal. However, neither aspect of the arrangement gets in the way of the other, and the band knows as soon as to pull ago guitar and vocal components to do room for the symphony and vice-versa.A big part that why this works is the fantastic production work by Lasse Lammert. The guitar tone is crisp and also crunchy, yet not overbearing. The band together a totality sounds an extremely tight and punchy, yet enough gaps are left for the midrange-heavy facets that consist of the symphony. Hear closely and also you deserve to hear as Lasse automates the level of instruments up and also down as crucial for each part of the songs. When the band’s presentation could easily fall into the realm of “gimmick”, Gloryhammer executes every facet of this album with enough confidence and also mastery because that it to come throughout as entirely genuine, something plenty of of their copycats have actually failed to do. While many fans of the genre will uncover it a fun, refreshing take it on the genre, it additionally acts as a fantastic entry suggest for those interested in strength metal.

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Europower... It can be nice good. Before I also bothered to listen to strength metal, I assumed that the European school of assumed was nothing but loud, overblown keyboards, some man who is really having actually to hold back or can"t song at all, very little riffing and also a many chord progressions, boring-ass song that room flatline throughout, underwhelming choruses and also camp as hell aesthetics. Naturally, i was promptly proven dorn by any number of Europower mainstays; however, periodically I regulate to find a band that fits this ignorant, uninformed check out perfectly. There really is no better way to sum up this abomination of one album 보다 "flower metal". This is one of the worst instances of the genre I have heard in a long time, up over there with beyond the room Beyond the Time, elements Pt. I, and also Inhuman Rampage as among the many fake-ass, glossy, hyped-to-shit, tepid and also goddamn terrible power metal albums i have ever before heard.The riffs are, well, shit. They space those goddamn "chord progressions" together opposed come something with actual meat ~ above them. They are forgettable and also generic, lock don"t drive the music at all, and they aren"t also remotely heavy. I know power metal isn"t necessarily meant to be a party of riffs and an aggressive dislike train, yet would it death this many to do something a bit an ext notable and powerful? They never drive the songs forward, rather that is left come the drums, hence the just memorable thing around this album is the drumming. The drums are just unlimited streams that triggered twin bass, type of like Painkiller but without the proper mix or intensity come go through the proceedings. If this were anything even remotely energetic, the drums would work-related better, however as that stands it"s just one more needle in mine back. Ns don"t expect lot from a bass, but due to the fact that it is following shitty riffs it is thus playing shitty bass lines, rather than cram in a little lick or two here and also there. That is completely structural, just the structure it needs to support in this situation is non-existent. And also the vocals... Are just fucking painful to listen to. I feel so poor for this guy, because it is clean to me the he has the talent come sing through the ideal of "em, but the shoddy material beneath him doesn"t facilitate his voice. He has a how amazing gritty tone that would job-related over part music the actually has actually some kind of balls to it, and the occasional out of ar shriek just annoys me due to the fact that it rams home how restricted the material right here is. Rather than being provided the possibility to shine, he is relegated to weak and unmemorable lines that space far listed below what that is plainly capable of. It it s okay so bad that you can hear him having actually to restrain self so he doesn"t overshadow the completely boring music in ~ him. Provide this sod other to job-related with lads, you"re death him (and me) here! The vocals likewise shed some light on exactly how much talent this outfit actually has, especially given the nothing below is sloppily played or anything. Anyone knows what they room doing, but they are all placing their energy into making bland music, which should be the case due to the fact that the song suck.So yeah, the songs suck, walk I point out that yet? just generic, tepid flower steel fodder that doesn"t really adjust in atmosphere or tempo in ~ all. The song are almost never aggressive, this band never once mustering up the courage to play at something beyond... "3". The songs don"t change really, ever. Simply triggered twin bass and also chord progressions in ~ that specific tempo whereby it isn"t slow-moving or rapid (a really boring medium), as well as there being no points of orgasm at every in the songs, and basically castle start and also end ~ an arbitrary amount of repetition with no justification because that their existence at all. The key-board lines are trying to generate an "epic" atmosphere... Yet the material is for this reason bland the they have actually no chance to soar, and the songwriting is therefore one dimensional that there is no room for any kind of atmosphere in ~ all. The melodies space generic and forgettable (I am forget old persons as brand-new ones concerned replace them) and come one after one more on a conveyor belt, i m sorry is most likely where this album come from, provided how standard and dull it is.The production is too many filtered, loud, modern crap, and to be ethical I don"t even care anymore. Every solitary song on this album is just mediocre, boring filler that reeks the wasted potential and laziness, due to the fact that they have actually to provide room come the lyrics and also aesthetics and what not. The is what the emphasis is on through this band, and also seriously... Just look at them. Look in ~ the lyrics, i m sorry are just every single power steel cliché imaginable. Look at the sheathe art. The is what we are an alleged to emphasis on, since there is nothing going on below at all. This is simply vapid, shallow music the is a base for the ridiculous image this band has cultivated as a walking cliché.

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They spent no time putting any type of sort of an imaginative thought right into it, and also you shouldn"t spend any sort that time or indeed money to acquire it or hear to it. And also following this idea, i will invest no an ext time on this cheesy, embarrassing, bland and tired-ass waste of space.Fuck off and also die already.