Effortless lesson planning with specially-curated curriculum maps that align to her state standards

Our professional development department and your devoted curriculum specialist produce weekly great plans* specially maintain to her teacher needs. All curriculum materials are draft specially to fulfill grade-appropriate benchmarks and adhere come state, district, and national standards. Our curriculum maps, whether tradition or included, can besupplemented through teacher’s selection of other activitiesor lessons.

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Ask united state aboutstate execution licenses**that come through a curriculum map make to her state standards.


*Not had in all licenses, will certainly require second purchase because that feature.

**State licenses carry out not apply to every state. Check with her state professional to watch if there are pre-approved curriculum maps for your district needs.

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Seven Subjects

U.S. History

World background
federal londonchinatown.orgvernment & Civics
geography & an international Studies
economics & an individual Finance

Group activities for Every Learning and also Teaching Style

Decision making
Close analysis
video clip Analysis
Image analysis
Primary resource Analysis
historic Maps
Study skills

A variety of Assessment types and Options

Use the Quiz Builder for automatic grading, or develop your own quiz v a selection of concern types. Assessments room completed electronically and also managed in the platform or exported to any kind of grade book.
AuthenticDebateMappingReview DBQ essayDiscussionMultiple choiceShort answerPerformance-based

The options are limitless for assessments!

Teachers making use of theQuiz Builder feature can choose from pre-loaded multiple an option questions because that auto-graded quizzes. To incorporate free response, video analysis, and more into quizzes, teachers deserve to write questions and upload content or search with filters and keywords to produce their very own manually graded quiz.

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