The brand-new movie god of Egypt has already made waves because that a couple of reasons. Because that starters, the movie is an i can not qualify mix of fantasy and also Egyptian background (along with plenty of action and drama). In addition, god of Egypt has actually been criticized because that "whitewashing," as it features a predominantly white actors depicting Egyptian characters. V such cynicism surrounding the movie prior to it"s even been released, it"s hard to determine how the movie will be got by audiences. But what will take place if the film transforms out to it is in a hit? Is it possible that there could be a god of Egypt sequel?

There haven"t been any kind of murmurs yet around a follow-up, likely due to the fact that it"s still therefore uncertain just how Gods of Egypt will perform in theaters. The movie had a $140 million budget, for this reason in order come spark enough interest because that a sequel it"s walking to need to rake in enough cash to justification the price tag. This may be a difficult feat, but certainly no impossible. Because that now, without having actually the number to calculation the likelihood that a god of Egypt 2, let"s take a look at some of the other determinants that can play a role in determining even if it is or no there will certainly be a sequel.

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It can Appeal to A the majority of People

The movie spans number of genres, for this reason it might draw audiences from fans of everything from 300 to mr of The rings to mad Max: fury Road.

But It"ll have actually A the majority of Competition


In enhancement to the renowned movies currently in theatre (like Zoolander 2 and also Deadpool), gods of Egypt will have competition native a few other movies with the same release date. In particular, crime thriller Triple 9 and biopic Eddie the Eagle may give the fantasy flick a operation for that money.

There"s A wealth Of material To draw From


Since Egyptian mythology is pretty expansive, there would certainly be no lack of source material for a gods of Egypt 2. In addition, the sequel can draw new narratives indigenous the fantasy/drama elements of the first film, and also could bulk up with an ext audience-appeasing activity sequences.

But controversy Could stop It from Happening


It"s difficult to obtain traction with a specific niche (like lover of Egyptian mythology) ~ you"ve pissed castle off. The opportunity for a sequel could be harmed by the debate surrounding god of Egypt"s lack of diversity, regardless of filmmakers" apologies because that the spreading decisions.

3D Sales Could carry In major Bucks


The film will be available at countless theaters in both standard and 3D viewing formats, the last of which has tendency to aid profits.

But crate Office Success might Be Short-Lived


Even if god of Egypt has a huge opening weekend, that doesn"t necessarily interpret into a in its entirety high-grossing film. Gods of Egypt 2 can have a smaller opportunity of keep going if the an initial film stops working to show staying power in theaters.

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There are a many of various things to consider, so in ~ this point in time it seems pretty uncertain if a sequel is in the cards because that Gods of Egypt. Yet if it transforms out to it is in an unexpected blockbuster, the fantastical film might get a follow-up after ~ all.