Since adopting our Galveston Wharves company strategy, the employee-led security Committee has done a remarkable project of building and also rolling out a successful program to combine the port’s safety and security culture.

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Safety is an essential piece the our goal to “foster a culture of excellence in company operations, danger management, safety, ecological performance, career advance and moral standards.”

I am incredibly proud of our 14-member security Committee and the programs and also procedures they’ve placed in place because January. They started by establishing clear objectives:

They space working to achieve these objectives by implementing several best safety practices, including policies, training, reporting and also metrics to measure up performance.

The security Committee, chaired by Laura Camcioglu, Galveston Wharves special tasks director, has made remarkable progress in just eight month to interact all employee in creating a safer workplace.

Our health and also safety policy and procedures plainly establish the port’s commitment come safety and environmental health. This meeting is reflected in updated port policies and procedures, consisting of our risk monitoring procedure, auto use policy and procedures and an individual protective devices standards.

Depending on the type of work-related or wherein they space working, employees may be compelled to use hearing protection, safety and security glasses, steel-toed boots, high-visibility vests, tough hats, N95 masks and/or confined space air monitors.

To reinforce safe behavior, the committee applied an observation card program. Employees are trained to complete the cards once they watch someone working safely or stop work if that is being excellent unsafely. The committee reviews the monitoring cards monthly come identify emerging trends.

They additionally are piloting work permit procedures to for sure that possibly hazardous occupational is planned and executed safely. We’ve also standardized our incident and also insurance forms.

Because great housekeeping go hand-in-hand with safety, we’ve imposed housekeeping standards in job-related areas, including keeping locations neat, reducing expedition hazards and removing rubbish such together unused building and construction materials and also obsolete equipment.

The port now collects and analyzes safety and security performance data for monthly reporting, including safe hrs worked, shed work hours since of injury, incidents that can have caused injury and also training hours. The committee supplies these metrics to track our progress and also identify locations that need attention. We’ve installed comment box to conference employee feedback and also suggestions.

To date this year, port employees have functioned 102,184 hours safely and also received 167 cultivate hours. The port has recorded zero shed work time due to the fact that of injury, two security incidents and also one near miss — an incident with the potential to cause harm. A safety occurrence is an unplanned occasion that does no cause personal injury but could result in property damages or is worthy that recording.

The committee likewise plans to strengthen the program and also further expand it to harbor vendors and tenants v contract language regarded safety and also environmental health, port-wide housekeeping standards and partnerships with tenant safety and security managers.



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