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Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:05 am
Hi, I"m brand-new Here
Joined: Jun 2012Posts: 7Location: GoodTimes Silkroad

_________________________________________________BOW complete STR Fire level 102 -- top top A lengthy BREAK..POSSIBLY FOREVER
I don"t recognize your explanation that the trading. Friend made the price 100x higher, is the prize 100x greater as well then? If not then what"s the suggest in upping the prices? It"s just much more gold you have the right to lose if you gain robbed.
increasing items prices is best solution rather than raising the rates, otherwise thief job will be useless if trade prices will it is in increased. Girlfriend cannot boost thief price cuz people will cheat drop and also sell it in thief city for easy money.If the items purchase price is higher, ofc friend get greater profit once you market it. Only downside come this system particularly for lower level to execute trade is that they don"t have enough gold to start trading in the very first place cuz goods prices room 100x greater than nomral.

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The 100x prices average you can trade 100x more gold in the exact same trader pet, so friend can gain money easier.Register to the FortressWar :

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