He"s suffering from some kind of low-grade (= slight) infection, which he can"t it seems to be ~ to acquire rid of. 他感染程度较轻,但好像就是无法痊愈。

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Bill has been top top the same grade (= his job has actually been that the very same level of importance, or the has had the same level of pay) for number of years now. 比尔在同一个职位上已经呆了好几年了。

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at the very first grade level, reading instruction does no follow the phonics method, nor does that entail systematic instruction in phonemic awareness.
Embracing the idea the representations might be graded opens up up many interesting theoretical possibilities.
There to be no far-reaching differences in attrition prices at sixth and also eighth qualities related come peer standing or aggression at 3rd grade.
Sandalwood is graded right into a number of classes which reflect various quality of fragrant heartwood and also to distinguish in between dried heartwood and also sapwood timber.
Specifically, for the moderate declining group, we uncovered evidence the grade retention aggravated classroom physics aggression, but only once it arisen prior to period 13.
The sample was period 11 (sixth grade) in ~ the first assessment and also age 14 (ninth grade) in ~ the fourth assessment.
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