Fiona Apple has officially won the Best alternative Music Album award at the Grammys for Fetch The Bolt Cutters. The award was presented during the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony.

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Apple to be nominated alongside Beck’s Hyperspace, Phoebe Bridgers Punisher, Brittany Howard’s Jaime and Tame Impala’s The sluggish Rush because that the coveted award.

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Apple has already taken residence one other 2021 Grammy for Best rock Performance because that “Shameika.” This particular category made history this year together it’s the an initial time every one of the nominees space female. “Shameika” was likewise up for Best absent Song, but award checked out Howard because that “Stay High.”

You have the right to follow together with the rest of the 2021 Grammys winners here.

With ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ Fiona to apologize takes house Best different Music Album #GRAMMYs

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RecordingAcad) in march 14, 2021

Over the years, Apple has actually earned 11 Grammy nominations and also one success in the Best Female rock Vocal Performance category, currently Best rock Performance, for “Criminal” in 1998. Her Best alternate Music Album nomination this year no the first in this category for Apple. Previously, she was well-known in the group in 2001 for When The Pawn… but shed to Radiohead’s Kid A. Together well, she was nominated again in this category in 2013 for The Idler Wheel…. However, Gotye’s Making Mirrors took house the award the year.

Apple had a great run on the charts v Fetch The Bolt Cutters after its release last April. The album, which is her an initial in nearly eight years, debuted at No. 1 top top both the Billboard top Rock Albums and alternative Albums charts. She completed the specific same chart-topping success with The Idler Wheel… complying with its relax in June 2012.

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These days, to apologize is continuing to fight for social justice. She social media is flooded v posts and stories about topics such as International Women’s Day and also Black lives Matter. More recently, Apple has been fighting to save virtual courtrooms open amid the COVID-19 dilemm so court watchers have the right to observe bail proceedings.

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Just eight months after winning her first Grammy, Apple appeared on the Alternative Press concern #111 sheathe in October 1997.


Fetch The Bolt Cutters is accessible to stream below.

More on the 2021 Best alternate Music Album nominees

Beck is important no stranger come the Grammys. Over the food of his career, he has been nominated 22 times and won 7 awards. 2015 was possibly his greatest year in ~ the awards present when the walked away through Album the The Year for Morning Phase. That won against Beyoncé’s self-titled LP, Ed Sheeran’s X, Pharrell Williams G ns R L and Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour. That exact same year, Beck likewise won the award because that Best rock Album.

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Although Beck didn’t win Best different Music Album because that Hyperspace, he did walk away v the 2021 Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical award. His acceptance speech is available to watch below.

Back in 2019, he won both of these categories for his album Colors.

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He likewise was formerly nominated because that Best alternative Music Album in 2009 for Modern Guilt.

More recently, Beck has actually been collaborating v Paul McCartney. He is just one of the countless artists teaming up through the Beatles member come reimagine his 2020 album. McCartney III Imagined features St. Vincent, Queens of The rock Age’s Josh Homme, Idris Elba and Dominic Fike among others. Because that the new release, which arrives on April 16, Beck is reimagining McCartney’s “Find mine Way.”