Around 600 BCE, India was one of those nations that played a significant role in the empire-building saga. Because of its position as one amalgamation in between the east and the west, it has also seen the fire rest from different potential conquerors favor Genghis Khan and also Timur and also even from Alexander the Great.

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During the very first two millennia, the problems of India were largely driven by inner friction in between the surrounding kingdoms and also clans. Right here we’re going to discuss about the 15 Greatest monarchs of India.

1> Chandragupta Maurya (340BC-298BC)

Chandragupta Maurya was the one behind the foundation of the Maurya Empire and he was also the very first warrior come unite components of better India into one huge state.


He play a pivotal part in the Indian background as he effectively subjugated and conquered most of the Indian subcontinent by the finish of his reign. The Tamil areas (Chola, Chera and Pandya) were yet excluded.

2> Porus (Puru)

Considering the Macedonians, their battle with the Porus mowed under their courage and extended their remain in India.


They had everything that they might do to fight an adversary who owned just 20,000 infantry, 2000 horses, castle aggressively protest Alexander as soon as he to express his wish to cross the river Ganges. Later on Androcottus gifted Seleucus with 500 elephants with the aid of which castle subdued India.

3> Ashoka Maurya (304-232 BCE)

Commonly, that was recognized as Ashoka the great and that was among the most renowned emperors that the Maurya empire that ruled the entire Indian subcontinent native 269 BCE come 232 BCE.


Ashoka Maurya had actually reigned over a expectancy of time that extended from the Hindu Kush mountain variety to Bengal in the East. The resources of his realm was Pataliputra.

4> Ajatasatru (512-461 BCE)

He to be the child of King Bimbisara that was taken into consideration one that the earliest rules of the Magadha kingdom located in North-East India.


Maharaja Bimbisara led the Haryanka empire in 543 BCE where he preserved on widening the stretch of his region by marrying and also conquering. Ajatasatru defeated 36 bordering states and also battled because that 16 years in the Licchavi Republic.

5> Samudragupta (315-380 BCE)

He was provided the surname of Indian Napoleon together he to be a master-mind army tactician and also the leader the Gupta dynasty. He was selected over all his elder brothers to success the throne of King Chandragupta.


As soon as he concerned power, he started off a series of army journeys to broaden the Gupta Empire and also unite the country.

6> Raja Raja Chola

He was popularly referred to as Raja Raja the good and he is one of the greatest and also most well-acclaimed kings of India. Rajaraja i ruled between 985 and 1014 CE. The was referred to as the harbinger that the kingdom that Chola.


The Chola Dynasty started emerging throughout his reign and began one of the greatest empires. Raja Raja Chola was stated to be one of the most renowned sovereigns of south India.

7> Kanishka the Great

He led the Kushan dynasty throughout 127 BCE – 151 BCE and also he to be revered for his political, military and also spiritual accomplishments.


The Kushan realm was large and prolonged from Tajikistan and also Uzbekistan, north of Amu Darya to Pakistan and also Northern India. His region even consisted of Kashmir whereby the town Kanishkapur was called after him.

8> Alha

He to be a famous general of Parmal yet are you conscious of why he was so famous? He dealt with 52 battles and won every one of them.


Alha also defeated the ruler of Delhi, Prithviraj Chauhan and also this was a feat in itself as this leader was touted to be among the greatest. Alha to be on the verge of killing Prithviraj Chauhan yet he stopped himself together that was versus his morals.

9> Prithvi Raj Chauhan

He was considered to be of the most renowned warrior that India and also in the entirety world. In ~ the period of 13 he take it his position on the throne the Ajmer, in 1179, as soon as his dad expired while fighting a battle.


He was secretly dubbed the warrior king and he to be the last independent Hindu emperor before Hemu to accounting the throne that Delhi.

10> Hemchandra Vikramaditya (Hemu)

Hemu died on the fifth of November, 1556 and also he to be an emperor of north India throughout the 16th century CE, a Mughal and also Afghan period.


During this period, the Mughals and Afghans were fighting for power. Hemu beat the Mughal forces of Akbar in the fight of Delhi and also took come the throne that Delhi.

11> Maharana Pratap

He was a Hindu rajput leader who ruled the kingdom that Mewar. His very own brothers, Sagar Singh and Shakti Singh offered Akbar.


There were numerous Rajput chiefs choose Raja man Singh that became military commanders in the army of Akbar. He couldn’t ever bow come an unjust and cruel person like Akbar who had killed 30,000 world for not converting to Islam.

12> Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (1674-1680 CE)

He presented a progressive and also competent civil dominion with the help of his disciplined military and administrative organisations.


He designed several military tactics, the guerrilla warfare was his brainchild and he used strategic factors like speed, geography, focused strikes to loss his powerful enemies.

13> Maharaja Ranjit Singh


He to be the key founder of the Sikh Empire. This man had lost an eye, an eight in a battle and also still constructed one the the biggest empires of India. He pushed off the Durranis native Punjab, recorded Peshawar, Multan and conquered entire Punjab.

14> Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan won number of battles versus British with forces 1:1 and suffered several small losses in ~ the age of 30. During that time, he was the crown prince and also turned out to be the king through a proven track record.


Tipu Sultan was also the critical Indian king come dictate terms to the British write-up defeating them in a war.

15> Pulakesi II (610-642)

In the 6th Century, the Chalukya dynasty ruled over central and southerly India. V his countless campaigns, he gained regulate of the Gujarat region in the western component and eastern Deccan.

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He experienced a loss in the hands of the boy of Mahendravarman. That was afterwards killed once the Pallavas seiged the resources of Vatapi.