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famous GREEK FABLE WRITER \"FAMOUS GREEK FABLE WRITER\" is a 22 letter phrase beginning with F and also ending v R

Crossword hints for \"FAMOUS GREEK FABLE WRITER\"

Famous Greek fable writer (5)AESOP
Greek storyteller (5)
Fable writer (5)
Writer the fables (5)
Author that fables (5)
Man the morals (5)
Teller that fables (5)
\"Zeus and the Tortoise\" storyteller (5)
\"Sour grapes\" coiner (5)
Fabulist of old (5)
\"The Fox and also the Crow\" storyteller (5)
Legendary storyteller (5)
Big name in fables (5)
Greek fable writer (5)
\"The Hares and also the Frogs\" writer (5)
\"The Old Lion\" storyteller (5)
Creator of \"The Tortoise and also the Hare\" (5)
Storyteller from Thrace (5)
Notable writer of animal tales (5)
Who said \"The Goose the Laid the golden Eggs\" (5)

Synonyms, crossword puzzle answers and also other associated words because that FAMOUS GREEK FABLE WRITER

We hope that the adhering to list the synonyms for the word aesop will aid you to finish your crossword today. We\"ve arranged the synonyms in length order so the they are easier to find.

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5 letter words


8 letter words


Definition that aesop

Greek author of fables (circa 620-560 BC)

Anagrams that aesop


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