Among the 7 acts the Grim Dawn, football player can uncover a full of 47 devotion shrines. Players should restore each of the desecrated shrines to thrive their devotion constellations to knife skills. We"ll sheathe how numerous shrines space in each act and also where to find them.

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Act One Devotion Shrines

In plot One there space a complete of nine shrines scattered throughout Cairn. Psychic that higher difficulties don"t include every one of the shrines.

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This shrine is in ~ the northern end of the Devil"s Aquifer. (Requires 1 Aether Crystal)

Flooded passage

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This shrine is in the mid-southern area between the Warden"s laboratory Rift and also the secret Transit Rift. (Normal calls for 1 Aether Crystal. Elite needs Purified Salt or Aether Shard. Ultimate calls for Aether Shard and Calamity Relic)

Craig"s Crags

This shrine is in the much eastern end of east March. (Normal calls for Chipped Claw. Elite calls for Tainted Brainmatter and also Vitriolic Gallstone. Ultimate requires Tainted Brainmatter and also Mistborn Talisman)

This shrine is near the center of the Forsaken Eldritch Totem.

Act two Devotion Shrines

In Act two there space a complete of 7 shrines because that players to find.

This shrine is in the passage between the Old Arkovia Rift and Josephine Reddan. (Normal needs Frozen Heart. Elite requires Vengeful Wraith.)

Players can uncover this shrine at the center of the southwestern spiral. (Normal needs Scavenged Plating. Elite calls for 2 Silk Swatch Scraps. Ultimate needs the Gunslinger"s Talisman.)

Old Arkovia

This shrine is near the Arkovian Undercity entrance between the Twin falls Rift, Old Arkovia Rift, and also Broken Hills Rift.

Players can discover this shrine in ~ the facility of this map. (Normal calls for Chilled Steel. Elite calls for Coldstone Serrated Spike. Ultimate calls for Coldstone Hallowed Fang.)

Barren Highlands

This shrine is located between Lutra the Abandoned and also Elsa. (Requires sleek Emerald. Elite and Ultimate need Imbued Silver.)

This shrine is at the far southern end of the third level that the actions of Torment.

Act 3 Devotion Shrines

In Act 3 there space eight temples scattered across the maps.

Players can uncover this shrine simply north of Ungoliax the Gloomweaver. (Normal requires a Serrated Spike. Elite and also Ultimate call for the Vicious Jawbone.)

This shrine is in the structure north of Rutnick the Cruel. (Normal calls for a Searing Ember. Elite and also Ultimate require Enchanted Flint.)

This shrine is between the homestead Rift and Rotting Croplands Rift, near the buildings. (Normal requires a Mutagenic Ichor. Elite and Ultimate need Mutated Scales.)

Den of the Lost

This shrine is close to the Ashen garbage entrances and also Neddie, Phil, and also Lisandra Avery. (Normal requires the Chthonic Seal of Binding. Elite and Ultimate call for the Chthonic Seal that Binding and also Consecrated Wrappings.)

Village of Darkvale

Players can uncover this shrine close to Zaria the Carver.

Act four Devotion Shrines

In action Four, there are six temples available.

Asterkarn Valley

This shrine is in the southwestern end of this area near a chest. (Normal calls for a Cracked Lodestone. Elite and also Ultimate require Amber.)

Mogdrogen"s Shrine

This shrine is at the much eastern finish of Asterkarn Valley alongside the Avatar the Mogdrogen. (All levels require the Runed rock of Mogdrogen, the spirit of Mogdrogen, and an old Heart.)

Lost dig of the Damned

This one is in the southwestern finish of the tomb close to Nacrathan the Timeless. (Normal requires an ancient Heart. Upstream requires an ancient Heart and the Blood the Ch"thon. Ultimate requires an ancient Heart, the Blood the Ch"thon, and also Tainted Brainmatter.)

Gates that Necropolis

Players can find this shrine in between the Necropolis interior Rift and also the entrance to the black color Sepulcher.

The black Sepulcher

This one is near Plagius the Decrepit and the loose torch. (Normal requires Roiling Blood. Elite and Ultimate need a Hollowed Fang.)

Bastion that Chaos

This shrine is south east of Bloodfiend Balok"Anatu.

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Act five Devotion Shrines

In act Five, football player can discover a complete of 3 shrines.