I’m not a fan of Jeremih. I’m also not not a pan of Jeremih. In fact, Jeremih exist in a space where I generally forget he exist until one of his songs pops increase on a Sirius terminal I hear to and also I check out the info and also I’m like, “Wow, he is still around, eh? Well, look at God.” quite much, he’s like Fanta.

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Admittedly, ns did choose his track “Planez,” though it’s 100 percent since of J. Cole’s hilariously uncouth verse. Lightskint Jermaine’s whole verse was the kind I would’ve wanted to write prior to I began caring around offending those who listened to my music, including my mother.

Well, Jeremih has a song called “Oui.” because you’ve probably read publications or consumed French fries, you recognize that “oui” is the French word because that “yes.” Jeremih has decided to walk the homophone route—given its joint in English is “we”—and incorporate the hook, “There’s no ‘oui’ without u and i.”

In a nutshell, Jeremih has whole song about being a couple—you know, a “we”—but is assignment it like “oui” for this reason he deserve to take benefit of the letter “u” and “i.” just no. This is what happens once pseudo-creativity walk unchecked.

Last year, in a piece I wrote about “Post to Be” through Omarion featuring chris Brown and Jhené Aiko, I stated this:

Before we move on come the absurdity of claimed lyric—I contend that that doesn’t actually work—I’d like the congregation to rotate to the book of SayHeffaSayWhat and also take a moment to evaluate the grammar assassination that taken place on the really title of the song. “Post to Be” is a shortened variation of “Supposed come Be.” I’ve viewed n—gas to speak “posed to be,” but “Post” is some new-level f—kery. That’s Twitter stupidity on mountain remixed with whatever Tyrese ever learned in his elementary college in Watts. In fact, I think the type of motherf—ker who would think “post” works in that title also doesn’t establish it’s dumb-dumb-n—ga shorthand because that “supposed.” for them, “post” is a regular-ass word up there v “’pacifically” for specifically. It is in that as it may, i’m a better person today because there is a tune out there called “Post come Be.” and believe it or not, you room too. I have nothing to ago this up with by the way. Juvenile.

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I’d wager that “Oui” is together egregious together “Post come Be,” if not more so. OK, possibly not more. Yet they’re certainly West Virginian kissing cousins in the “Why, Lordt, take me now” English Olympics.

Here’s how I think Jeremih and his goons finished up with a song referred to as “Oui” that represents “we.” lock were more than likely in Paris or H&M and saw a authorize that had actually the word “oui” in it. Somebody claimed it out loud and was like, “Ain’t it crazy exactly how in English, we spell ‘we’ prefer double-ewe and eee, however in French they spell ‘we’ choose oh-ewe-eye? it is so crazy. In the soil of France, yes sir no ‘oui’ there is no a ‘u’ and also an ‘i.’ I’ll gambling nobody ever noticed that before. Oh s—t. We’ll death the game.” more of the very same dumb-dumb-n—ga logic.

(By the way, “we” in French is “nous,” pronounced choose “new,” but you know, everything the f—k. “New” is “nouveau,” etc. There really is an unlimited amount of f—kery the current urban-music ar could do with the French language. Yet again, everything the f—k.)

So, Jeremih and also his crew fight the studio to compose their new hit single, “Oui,” to represent “we,” since, again, there’s no “yes” without u and also i.

Admittedly, this song provides me the red ass because that those varieties of obsessive-compulsive disorder reasons that make it hard to enjoy some songs when artists color outside the lines. However the oui-we thing really bothers the life f—k out of me for the simple reason that it just doesn’t translate, and also I’m not the kind of ignorance-is-bliss dude that simply accepts great things because they’re great.

Here space the lyrics to the chorus the the song, courtesy that Genius:

If weTried that we could beSomewhere the climateIs warm, lengthy as you roughly meI oath that every little thing will be just fineI wish that we could take some timeGo anywhere, baby ns don’t mindGrown man, in my suit and tieHey, there's no we without you and IOh, yea, ah yea, ah ah yeaHey, there's no we without you and also IOh yea, ah yea, ah ah yeaHey, there's no we without you and also I

As you can see, words “we” is spelled properly on Genius since to usage “oui” would be insane and also render the song completely nonsensical. You’d choose to check out it, i will not ~ you? Let’s go ahead and also do it because that the culture:

If ouiTried that oui could beSomewhere the climateIs warm, lengthy as you approximately meI swear that everything will be simply fineI wish that oui can take some timeGo anywhere, baby i don’t mindGrown man, in mine suit and tieHey, there's no oui without you and also IOh, yea, ah yea, ah ah yeaHey, there's no oui without you and also IOh yea, ah yea, ah ah yeaHey, there's no oui without you and I

And since I’m thorough, let’s simply go ahead and also translate what Jeremih proposed and also got with label heads:

If yesTried that yes could beSomewhere the climateIs warm, long as you roughly meI swear that every little thing will be just fineI wish the yes might take part timeGo anywhere, baby ns don’t mindGrown man, in mine suit and tieHey, there's no yes there is no you and IOh, yea, ah yea, ah ah yeaHey, there's no yes without you and IOh yea, ah yea, ah ah yeaHey, there's no yes there is no you and I

As you have the right to see, the song makes absolutely no cursed sense when you use the rules.

Now, in a people where Young Thug, Kodak Black and also Lil Yachty exist, i realize the I’m being a bit tough on Jeremih. For one, he’s just trying to be creative. Check. Because that two, the song itself isn’t the bad. It can not be that good, however it’s also not the bad. Three, there are much bigger things to worry around in the human being then another artist taking part R. Kelly-style an innovative license developing a tune I’d never ever listen to if radio didn’t exist.

And that’s every well and good. However f—k that; it drives me nuts every solitary time i hear him song the hook because it’s just not right. OK. Execute you remember once Cousin Harold acquired shot in Menace II Society and Sharif continued to be behind v his body while O-Dog, A-Wax and the chick whose surname eludes me acquired Caine in the automobile to drive him to the hospital? His reasoning: “It’s simply not right, OK!”

Same s—t, really. The next time i hear “Oui,” will certainly I be annoyed? Oui. Will I desire to traction my eyelids down and also pour WD-40 right into them and also then irradiate them on fire? Oui.

Will Jeremih still get paid? Oui.

Is that just how it’s write-up to be?

You recognize what else doesn’t exist there is no “u” and “i”?

I quit.

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Panama Jackson is the co-founder and an elderly editor the VerySmartBrothas.com. He lives in Washington, D.C., and believes the youngsters are our future.