A rich repertoire that brings the an excellent Sufi poet Hafiz to west readers, native bestselling poet Daniel Ladinsky Perhaps an ext than any kind of other Persian poet, that is Hafiz that most fully accesses the mystical, heal dimensions that verse. Acclaimed poet Daniel Ladinsky has actually made the his life’s occupational to develop modern, inspired renderings that the world’s many profound spirituality poetry. With Ladinsky’s renderings, Hafiz’s voice come alive across the centuries, singing his timeless article of love. v this stunning collection, Ladinsky has actually once again thrived brilliantly in catching the significance of one of Islam’s greatest poetic and spiritual voices. “Ladinsky is a understand who will certainly be remembered for lastly bringing Hafiz alive in the West.” —Alexandra Marks, The Christian scientific research Monitor

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Daniel Ladinsky is an acclaimed poet and renderer the mystical poetry. His publications include The Gift, The topic Tonight Is Love, ns Heard God Laughing, A Year with Hafiz, Love Poems from God, The Purity the Desire, and Darling, ns Love You. For 6 years, he made his house in a spiritual ar in west India, whereby he worked and lived with the intimate disciples and family the Avatar Meher Baba. He lives in Myrtle Beach, southern Carolina.

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The subject Tonight Is LoveIntroductionWhere dolphin DanceThe Woman i LoveForgiveness Is the CashAll the HemispheresThe VegetablesAt This PartyWhy all This Talk?In a grasp of GodBecause of ours WisdomWe keep Each various other HappyCastrating one EgoThis location Where girlfriend Are right NowIn a Tree HouseWe room a couple of Barroom SailorsNo various other Kind that LightNot through WingsVenus simply Asked MeThe dimension of the Love BruiseThe theater of FreedomYou Say, ns SayWhere execute You Think You will certainly Be?The day SkyAmong strong MenBeautiful HandsOld Sweet BeggarOut of the Mouths of a thousands BirdsI Knew We would Be FriendsBuild a residence for MenThat sound WonderfulA singing Cleaning WomanYour form of LaughterSomething I have LearnedAnd a large Herd that Sweet GoatsNarrow the DifferenceThe small Table that Time and also SpaceThe Happy VirusThe wonderful LawlessnessThey contact to You come SingYour MedicineIt wake up All the time in HeavenThe Guardians the His BeautyThe subject Tonight Is LoveI witnessed You DancingNever to speak It Is not GodAbsolutely ClearTen thousands IdiotsTo Anything that MovedCarrying GodI Cherish her EarsDeepening the WonderWill Beat girlfriend UpI follow BarefootJoin Me in the Pure AtmosphereSome Angels GrumblePlaying in the BrillianceLike the GangesAnd exhilaration So CoolA Potted PlantJust Sit ThereA suspended Blue Ocean
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"There are universes within Hafiz, a lineage of masters. Daniel Ladinsky complies with the playfulness; the rascal moves well." —Coleman Barks

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There space universes within Hafiz, a family tree of masters. Daniel Ladinsky complies with the playfulness; the rascal moves well.” —Coleman Barks