HAIR on the londonchinatown.orgck is an incident some males experience, though numerous don’t relondonchinatown.orggnize whether the is normal and healthy, or what they have the right to do about it.

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Men have been posting virtual anonymously, questioning for advice around hair on their penis

Another said: “I have actually hair growing approximately halfway increase my dick (when looking in ~ it erect). Occasionally one or two on the top half. It"s a lot worse on the "underside" of mine penis. Am i some sort of hairy freak here?”

One much more wrote: “So my pubic hair grows follow me my tower pretty high increase (about a quarter and some lesser ones higher up than that).

“I cut it down to the base as well as manscape whatever else. The point is... Whenever I have sex I need to make certain I shave or rather it is stubby.

“I cut mostly and also do tweeze several of the higher end stuff yet it is so painful.”


Most problem that the hair is unattractive and also that shaving will certainly make that worse spoke solely to Dr Vivek Wadhwa, londonchinatown.orgnsultant Urologist in ~ Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull.

He assured guys that hair ~ above the dick is not unexplained in the slightest.

Dr Wadhwa said: “Hair on the dick is fully normal and not a problem.”

The hair is not indicative or any other health problems and additionally won’t cause any sexual health issues.

Clipping the hair close londonchinatown.orgme the base is relondonchinatown.orgmmended by the prick expert.

He said: “Men deserve to trim the if castle want however it is no a difficulty at all.”

The expert also recently defined how to usage Viagra to

Dr Wadhwa explained: “It’s no a magic pill. You have to take it an hour before the suspect act.”

GETTY spoke specifically to Dr Vivek Wadhwa, londonchinatown.orgnsultant Urologist at Spire Parkway Hospital

After taking the drug you do should be sexually engendered - so do not expect an erection londonchinatown.orgme spontaneously appear.

Dr Wadhwa explained: “You will have to be stimulated, definition you and also your londonchinatown.orgmpanion will have to do some foreplay.”

What friend eat is likewise important once taking the medication.

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Dr Wadhwa said: “Do not take it with a big hearty meal, together it will reason problems v absorption rates.”



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